Pandya Store 15th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 15th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 15th June 2022 Episode starts with Krish saying Shiva would have got saved. Inspector asks them to check Shiva’s belongings. Gautam asks where is Shiva. Inspector says we couldn’t identify many dead bodies.

Gautam holds his collar and says my brother is alive. Inspector says relax, please cooperate, we also want him to be fine. Gautam and Krish go to check the belongings. They get shocked seeing Shiva’s wallet.

He sees the blood over the wallet. He opens it and sees the family pic. Gautam gets Raavi’s anklet and recalls Shiva. Gautam gets Dhara’s call. He cries. Rishita says even Krish isn’t answering. Gautam recalls Shiva’s words and cries. Krish asks did he really….

Constable signs him to check the dead body. Krish says that can’t be our Shiva, bad won’t happen with him. Prafulla sees the bus accident news. She sees Krish on the news channel. She says what was Krish doing there, did anything happen to them.

Krish prays and goes to check the dead body. He checks the body and turns. He says he isn’t my Shiva. He gets shocked seeing Shiva’s shoes. He sits crying and shouts Shiva. Gautam looks at him.

Raavi says I can’t sit at home. Kanta comes running and asks Suman to check the tv, it’s a disaster. She says the bus that was coming to Somnath fell down the cliff. Prafulla comes and says I have seen Krish and Gautam on the news channel, Shiva was coming back in that bus, right.

Raavi is shocked. Inspector sees Krish saying he is my brother, Shiva. He goes. Gautam goes to see Shiva. Raavi takes the phone and checks the bus accident news. Raavi recalls the baba’s words. Suman, Rishita and Raavi get worried.

Dhara says don’t come in trauma on seeing the news, Gautam will get Shiva. Gautam hugs Krish and cries. They recall Shiva. Krish asks Shiva to get up. Dhara says Shiva will come, Gautam will get her.

Raavi asks why didn’t you tell me, you knew it, the news was going on the tv, you broke the tv, I had a right to know, I m his wife, I would have gone with Gautam and Krish. She scolds Dev. She says you had a right to know, you wanted to go there, when why didn’t you tell me, don’t know, where is Shiva.

Suman also scolds Dhara. She says I told you not to take decisions in my house, I have to talk to Gautam, call him. Dhara says he isn’t answering. Suman gets angry. Raavi shouts Shiva, where are you… and cries. Gautam and Krish cry seeing the dead body.


Pandya Store 16th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gautam and Krish come home crying. Raavi asks where is my Shiva. Krish gives her the anklet and signs no. Everyone is shocked.


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