Pandya Store 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 15th November 2021 Episode starts with Dev and Rishita arguing. She says fine, don’t take the gifts, I will keep it, I remember that Dhara stopped me from buying bangles, if I got married to a kirana man, then it doesn’t mean that I spend my life in poverty. Suman asks her to shut up.

She taunts Rishita about Janardhan. She says you know your dad well, so you had filed a FIR against him, you want gifts from him, everyone knows the status of a woman who asks Maayka for help. Rishita says I respect my mum’s feelings, if I return this, then she will be upset, I will sell these things and keep your respect, but I won’t return these things to insult my mum. Suman says you secretly go and meet your Maayka.

She scolds Kirti also. Dhara thinks of Shiva and Raavi. She cries and prays for them. Krish asks Kirti not to give the car keys now. She says I have seen it now, poor people have much esteem. She agrees. They go out. Suman says you want a fight on the festive day, fine. Shiva holds her. Suman says make a video of all this, and tell that Rishita is taking all this by her wish. Gautam thinks its good Dhara isn’t here, else she would have not stressed. Dhara feels pain and sits back on the bed.

Krish and Kirti go outside and talk about their families. Suman asks Shiva to make the video. She says you all won’t use these things. She says you are proud of your money, you pay the electricity bill from this month. Gautam says let it be, why will she pay the bill, its her salary, let her keep the gifts.

Anita says sorry, mahurat has just 5 mins left. Suman asks Rishita to come if she wants, else play with the toys. They go. Dhara feels dizzy. She says everyone would be in puja. Kirti gets Kalyani’s call. She says I will go, dad would be reaching. Krish asks didn’t your dad send these gifts. She says no, mum sent it, you won’t tell anyone. He says I won’t tell. She hugs him and goes. He smiles.

Gautam says I will see Dhara and come. Anita says you have to do aarti. Raavi scolds her. Anita acts. Suman says you did right, Raavi stop it. Suman asks Shiva to go and call Dhara. Disha comes home. She wishes Shiva happy diwali. She asks Shiva to stand with Disha in the aarti. Shiva stops. He sees Raavi.

Suman asks Krish to go and call Dhara. Anita says Gautam, I have lit the diyas as mahurat was passing. He says I won’t do aarti without Dhara, Dev and Rishita do the aarti first. Krish gets Dhara there.

Gautam asks are you not fine. He takes Dhara. They do the aarti. Raavi asks Anita to stop her wrong actions. Dhara thinks of Raavi. Rishita signs Krish to make Shiva stand with Raavi. Krish brings them together. Dhara faints down. Gautam holds her, shouts and asks are you fine. Shiva says call the doctor. Everyone holds her. Raavi gets water. Dhara refuses to have it by her hand. Raavi worries. Anita smiles.


Pandya Store 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gautam says I didn’t see Dhara anywhere. Dev asks for Rishita. He says Janardhan has disappeared them.


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