Pandya Store 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 15th September 2022 Episode starts with Raavi saying we sent Suman to rest in her room, Dhara went to find Chiku. Gautam and Krish rush to find Dhara. Dhara is hurt. She asks people about Chiku.

Gautam and Krish see her hurt feet. They ask her to come home. She says I won’t go home without Chiku. She cries for Chiku. Gautam lifts her and brings her home. Its morning, Dhara stays upset. Rishita asks her to please have juice. Dhara says I want Chiku. Rishita asks Raavi and Suman to have it. They also refuse. Rishita says please have it for Chutki’s sake, you have to take medicines also.

Suman takes the juice and medicines. Rishita sees Shweta and recalls her words. Dhara cries for Chiku. Suman prays. Shweta’s friend asks Chiku to stop crying, else she will take him back to Pandya house. Shweta eats the food. She thinks to call her friend. Shweta’s friend sees the police looking for her, and her sketch getting posted on the walls. She worries.

Krish sees Shweta eating dry fruits and thinks what kind of mum is she. He scolds her. She starts crying. She says I m getting panic attacks, I take this medicine, I was eating dry fruits to take the medicine, I can’t afford to die. He goes. She thinks to be very careful. Guard checks the sketch and turns to see. Shweta’s friend asks Chiku to calm down. She says I will take Chiku to Pandya house and tell them that Shweta did this.

She gets Shweta’s call. She scolds her. Shweta asks her to take care of Chiku. Rishita comes that way. Shweta’s friend checks Chiku and says he has light temperature, he may get fever. Shweta calls her back. They try calling each other. Rishita sees Shweta and thinks what is she doing here.

Gautam asks Dhara to eat something. She asks for Chiku and cries. Gautam says police is finding him. Guard comes to Shweta’s room. He sees her and asks her name. Shweta says hell, I gave the details, so you came to trouble me, my baby is unwell. He says sorry and goes.

Raavi says you have to stay fine to see Chiku. Dhara says I will get fine, just get Chiku. Krish hugs her and says we will find him, please have food. Shweta messages her friend. Dhara asks Raavi to tell her fans to find Chiku. Raavi says my account got hacked, sorry, I can’t help you. Suman says its my mistake to stop you from fixing it. Raavi says I had gone to recover my account.

Rishita says then go live and post. Raavi says it will take 10-15 days. Suman says so Shiva lied to me. Raavi says Arnav is helping us. Suman says I will beat Shiva. Rishita asks Raavi to post a video from her account. Shweta tries to stop them. Rishita scolds her. Raavi appeals to her fans to find Chiku.

Shweta worries. Raavi posts the appeal video from everyone’s phone. She asks Shweta to give her phone. Shweta also acts in front of them. Raavi calls Arnav and says I have posted the video from everyone’s phones, can you increase the reach. He says of course, I will do. Shweta handles Chiku. Gautam worries for Dhara.


Pandya Store 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shweta says I m going back to my parents’ house. Her mom comes and angrily lectures the Pandyas for losing Chiku.


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