Pandya Store 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 16th September 2022 Episode starts with Rishita asking Dhara to love Chutki. Dhara says Chutki is my life. Rishita says lie, if you care for her, then have food and take care of yourself. Dhara says I love her a lot. Doctor comes and checks Dhara. He says she has low BP and energy, make her eat something,

else I have to admit her in the hospital. Suman asks Dhara to have the food. Shweta’s mum sees Raavi’s video. She gets shocked. Shweta says I have to send away Chiku from Somnath. She worries and says this video got viral, I have to do something. Gautam asks Dhara to have food or drink juice.

Rishita says the video got viral. Gautam says yes. Raavi says this happened because of Arnav, he increased the video reach. Gautam says the video got viral, nothing will happen to Chiku, Dhara have some food. Dhara says I want Chiku. Forum tries to take Chiku and leave. Krish says we will find Chiku, we promise.

Dhara says I promise I will be alive until you get Chiku. Gautam asks her to have food. Shweta packs her bag and comes. She says I m going to my mum and dad’s house, I have Chiku’s memories here, its better that I leave. Her mom comes. Shweta runs to her and hugs. She says don’t know who did this. Her mom consoles her.

Rishita asks how did she get love for Chiku. Shweta’s mom scolds Suman for being so careless. She asks will you keep your promise this way, look at Shweta. Rishita says your daughter is here, she is fine, Dhara got on bed in sorrow, can’t you see all this. Suman says Jankana,

you are standing under our roof, think and talk. Shweta asks her mom to see Dhara’s condition, she is missing Chiku more. She asks her to take her along. Suman says ask Shweta, how did Chiku disappear, try to understand the situation. Jankana says I know its her mistake, tell me, why didn’t the child kidnapper take Chutki along with Chiku. Rishita says kidnapper knew that Chiku’s family is rich. Shweta says enough, stop it mom, how can you say this, they have taken much care of Chiku and me.

Jankana asks did he get kidnapped because of your carelessness. Shweta says I don’t know, Raavi is a social media influencer, maybe her follower did this, her account was also hacked, before something worse bad happens, we will go. Jankana says no, you will stay here. Suman asks why, is this her dad’s house. Rishita says Raavi called the police and took the action, better not blame her. Jankana apologizes to them.

She says we have no enemies. A man collides with Forum and sees her. Suman says ask Shweta’s ex and his family, they are bad people. Jankana says you are right, Shweta stay here, I will go home and try to find Chiku. Shweta hugs her and thinks mom failed my plan. The medical shop owner checks Raavi’s video.

Forum comes to take medicines for Chiku. She says I have no prescription. The man says give me the baby, I will show him to the doctor. The men see the video. They see Chiku with Forum and ask her to stop. She runs. Everyone is with Dhara. Forum runs and calls Shweta. Rishita thinks whose call is she getting.

Forum says I won’t leave Shweta. She asks a man to help her, her baby is ill, her husband is threatening of killing them. She goes in a van. Dev says we have checked everywhere. Raavi says we will talk to Arnav. Shiva says we told thanks to him, you think if hacker took the baby, will he post it. Gautam asks did any enemy do this. Raavi gets the medical shop owner’s call. He says I m your big fan.

She says thanks, I m already worried. He says I called to end your worry, I have seen Chiku, a girl is going in a goods van, just come to this location soon. She thanks him. Rishita says we have to think how to feed the food to Dhara. Shweta says call them and ask if they got Chiku. Rishita says we should wait here. Kanta gets some baba home. Dev says I will call home. Gautam says don’t call until we get Chiku. Dev and Shiva check the car’s fuel warning. Shiva asks what will we do now. They see some baraat going. They get an idea.


Pandya Store 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shweta says I wanted a good life, a loving person, what did I get, a child, you know what all I did to get rid of Chiku. Krish asks what did you do. He gets shocked.


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