Pandya Store 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 1st January 2022 Episode starts with Suman talking to the guests. She says my bahus also talk in English like me. Dhara asks Gautam to handle the guests. She thinks he is still upset. She says Raavi might have gone to parlor. Shiva thinks to see arrangements once. Raavi is with Anita. Anita asks how is this.

Kamini looks at them and smiles. Raavi recalls Dhara’s words. Kamini says the party’s real fun will start now. Shiva sees the decorations. He gets a rose. He says my wait will end today. Jeena hai…plays… Dhara and Suman hear the ladies talking about Raavi and Rishita. Suman signs Dhara to come.

Suman asks why did Raavi and Rishita come. Prafulla and Anita come in the party. Suman says you didn’t get any gift. Prafulla says you already took my daughter. Shiva asks did you see Raavi. Dhara says she has come. Raavi comes. Prafulla asks where was she. Raavi gets rude and goes. Dhara asks Raavi to stop.

She asks did anything happen to you. Raavi goes. Dhara asks Shiva to tell her the truth. He says I will see, you go. He goes upstairs. Raavi sees the beautiful decorations. Shiva comes. He says you wanted me to do something. Raavi gets angry on him. Everyone dances in the party. Shiva asks did anyone tell you something. Raavi says I don’t want to go in the party, I m not a family member, you all showed this to me. She shouts. Everyone hears this. Shiva says we can talk after the party,

come with me, everyone was asking for you. She says I m also feeling bad, what about that, I was worried for Dev and Rishita, you didn’t tell me. He says I told you about Dhara and Gautam’s baby, you didn’t keep the secret and told everything to Suman, that’s why I didn’t tell you. The lady says they are fighting in the new year party. Suman gets angry. Shiva and Raavi argue. Anita smiles and dances with Suman and Dhara. Shiva says we will talk later. Raavi doesn’t listen.

Rishita is with Kalyani. Raavi shouts on Shiva. She says Dhara and the four Pandyas are the family, the way you all came victorious, do the party together, you don’t need us. Dhara goes. Anita thinks Kamini did right. Suman says no party can happen without a drama. Raavi says I won’t go in the party, do anything you want. Dhara comes and says I thought you both are fighting here. Raavi says yes. Dhara asks what happened, come. Raavi says don’t come between Shiva and me. Dhara scolds her. Raavi argues.

Dhara says I didn’t have such intention, Rishita spoke of leaving the house, so I got this idea, Dev and Shiva said its good if some members know, I didn’t tell this to Gautam also. Shiva asks Dhara to go, he will talk to Raavi. Dhara goes. She signs Suman that everything is fine. Dev says I m trying to call Rishita, I will go and see her. Gautam asks Dhara why are Shiva and Raavi fighting.

She says they will come. Rishita sees Dev’s calls. She takes the call. She says I have come to spend new years with my family. He says we also have a party here, you all decided this. She says your headache is gone, my mum is so hurt, do you know, you blackmailed my dad using his past, we are mourning here, so I kept a party for my mum. Raavi says I m not a robot, I also have emotions. Shiva says you are reacting if we didn’t involve you in one plan. Dev says I know your mum is sad, but you know why I did this.

Rishita says you all don’t trust me and didn’t name the land to me, you all do the party. He says we can have a talk, where are you. She says I won’t come to the party today, you don’t trust me, I will do what I want. She ends call. Raavi says I always stood for Dhara. Shiva says Dhara also stood by you. She says you all cheated me, I have a right to know. He says you are saying like I hd an affair with someone. He throws the decorations down. She gets shocked.


Pandya Store 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhara says what did this happen in the new year. Gautam asks her not to worry. Raavi and Shiva argue. Dev goes to take Rishita home. She says I will not forgive you all. Dhara stands sad.


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