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Pandya Store 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 1st July 2021 Episode starts with Rishita saying Raavi, I need something from the market. She gives her list/. Raavi checks it. Krish gets an auto hired. She asks Raavi why is she taking ration list. Rishita says its my shopping list. Krish jokes on the long list. He laughs. Raavi goes. Shiva thinks why didn’t Suraj come till now. Vikram thinks maybe the fake buyers have come. He signs the men. Shiva gets the money. Raavi comes there. She sees Shiva with the money. Some officers come there. Vikram and the men flee. Raavi records them. The officers catch Shiva. They check the Jeera trade. Shiva says its not my money. He asks them to catch Vikram. Shiva sees Raavi. Raavi looks on shocked. Dhara calls Shiva. She says his number is not reachable. She calls Raavi. She says Raavi isn’t answering.

Shiva pushes the officers. He holds Raavi’s hand and runs. He stops an auto. He leaves with Raavi. Auto driver doesn’t listen. Raavi says drive fast, he has high fever and cold. Shiva says yes. Auto driver takes them. Officer says he has run away, we have to find him out. Rishita stops Dev. She says you also impress mum, then she will give you money. Dev scolds her. He says fine, sorry, will give medicines to mum and come. He goes. Gautam sees them and smiles. Shiva and Raavi come home running. Gautam sees them and thinks why are they so worried. Dhara calls Raavi. Shiva and Raavi come to her. Dhara asks are you fine. Gautam asks what happened. Shiva tells them everything. Dev comes. Shiva says those people double crossed me, they kept jeera sacks in the truck, officers came there, I m getting framed. Gautam says our shop can lose the license, we have to explain them that we are innocent. Dhara asks will they listen to us. She asks Shiva and Dhara to just go to Somnath, officers may catch them. She gets a video. Raavi says I had taken the video when those goons were leaving. Dev says we have some proof. Dhara says we will see later, go now.

Gautam says its wrong, we can’t run from the problems. Dhara says I can’t see Shiva in jail. They argue. Dev says Rishita, we have to send Shiva and Raavi to Somnath, Shiva is framed in black marketing, stop the officers, I trust you on this. Shiva and Raavi pack the bags. Krish comes and says officers have come, leave fast, Rishita is handling them. Raavi says they have seen our face. Krish asks Raavi to make Shiva wear the saree. Shiva refuses. Raavi insists. Krish says Raavi will go with you, she will handle if there is any problem. Raavi gets Rishita’s message. Krish says come out fast. Raavi helps Shiva wear the saree. The officer asks for Shiva Pandya. Rishita says no, I don’t know him. He says I heard Pandya family stays here. She says oh they stay that side, they are always praying. She complains about Pandya brothers. Shiva asks Raavi not to worry. He says I m with you. She says yes, I m also with you. She laughs on his getup.

Shiva and Raavi act well. Krish says they are acting so well. Raavi and Shiva say get our money from them. Rishita says they are doing overacting, they may get us stuck. Krish acts, don’t cry, take money tomorrow, go from here now. Officer asks does Shiva Pandya live here. Raavi acts and speaks bad of him. Shiva gets angry. Rishita says you both do overacting, run fast, the key is in the car. Shiva thanks her. Krish says they do overacting, I should get to work. Gautam says you always do what you want, this is your drama always, when Krish was kidnapped, you did the same. She says sorry for my mistakes, you save Shiva from going to jail. Dev comes and says Shiva and Raavi left for Somnath. Shiva and Raavi argue. They leave in the car. Officers ask where did you hide Shiva. Dhara says we didn’t hide him, he had gone out with his wife. Gautam says my brother isn’t wrong. Officer says if he wasn’t wrong, then he would have not run away, we will find him and punish him. Officers leave. Gautam scolds Dhara. Dev says we will find out who framed Shiva, we will find out the bike owner. He checks the bike owner details. Janardhan says this time, they can’t get free of this.


Pandya Store 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dev and Gautam catch Suraj and ask why did he trap Shiva. Suraj says I did this on Janardhan’s saying. They get shocked. Shiva and Raavi worry seeing the police.


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