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Pandya Store 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 1st June 2021 Episode starts with Gautam saying we have to leave for registrar office now. Gautam and his brothers go. Prafulla says Shiva is the servant, you aren’t the servant, tell Raavi and Rishita. Raavi says one doesn’t become a servant to work in own house. Prafulla says you still have time, don’t tell me that I didn’t explain you. Dhara checks the items. She says Krish came and took away Suman, else I would have told her the truth, what will I answer Gautam. Anita takes care of Suman. She says its strange, don’t you feel that something is hidden from you. Suman says I will find out. Anita says I want you to find out soon, I can’t see you worried, Dhara is getting stuck in this, Gautam and Dhara had an argument today. Suman says it can never happen. Anita says but I have seen it myself, I heard Gautam saying that Dhara’s rigidity is getting over his love, its between them, what will I do in their matter. Suman says yes, enough now, go. Anita leaves.

Suman thinks something big is happening. Rishita gets Shiva’s clothes. She thinks how did this come with Dev’s clothes. Anita asks Dhara is everything fine. Dhara says I will talk to Suman, she is my Maa, I can talk to her anytime, you don’t worry. Anita says I m ready to apologize for my mistakes, won’t you forgive me, I m really sorry, can’t we become friends, I want to support you. Raavi comes and calls Dhara to check puja items. Dhara goes. Anita thinks once you get trapped in my friendship, then you see. Dhara thinks I can’t delay much. Dhara asks what were you saying. Raavi says I will clean the floor. Rishita asks her to get the mob and clean. She says I got this rag with my clothes. She cleans the floor. Raavi gets shocked seeing Shiva’s tshirt. She sees Dhara. She gets angry and says its Shiva’s clothes, its not any rag.

Rishita says so sorry, I didn’t know it. Raavi asks didn’t you see he had worn this 2 days back. Rishita says sorry, I didn’t see, he wears cheap clothes, he works as a servant, he shouldn’t stay as a servant. Raavi says he handles the shop as Dev does, he isn’t a servant. Rishita says he does the work at the shop also, lorry driver thought he is a servant, I felt bad. Raavi says yes, you laughed at him. Dhara hears them. Rishita says I really felt bad for Shiva and you, his clothes had spices and oil always, how do you tolerate Shiva. Raavi says you shouldn’t care about that. Rishita says yes, romance won’t happen, so you can stay away. Raavi says why do you care, we romance or fight, I saw how Dev scolded you for your romance, thanks for worrying for me, Shiva is my problem, I will handle him. Dhara thinks I wanted this, its happening. Rishita says he is your husband, do something for him, I m elder so I m explaining you. She says sorry and goes. Dhara asks what was Rishita saying. Raavi asks why, Shiva is your son, Rishita told a lot about him, you didn’t say a word, you divided everyone, you don’t care, I can’t tolerate this insult because of Shiva. She goes.

Prafulla cries. Anita says I m trying to divide everyone. Prafulla says Suman snatched both my daughters, she ruined me. Anita goes away. Raavi cleans Shiva’s clothes. She says he likes to get insulted, he can’t stay as a gentleman. Dhara smiles. Raavi sees her. Raavi says you should have done this, you snatched him, you should take care of him, why shall I worry for him, tell him to stay well. Dhara goes. Raavi says she left without saying anything, she didn’t defend Shiva.

Its night, Shiva comes to the room. He looks for his clothes. He asks Raavi about his clothes. She says I don’t know. They argue. He goes. Dhara asks Gautam to freshen up and have food. Gautam says no need, I m not hungry, we all had food. She says Krish had food outside, still he had food at home, I understand your anger, I tried to tell truth to Suman but… He asks did you tell mum or not. Dhara says no, Krish came and took mum with him. He says it was your decision to separate the children, if anyone tells mum, then will you go away from me. She says I had told that in anger. He says I won’t talk to you until you tell the truth to mum. She says stop it, you aren’t seeing what I m seeing, you know what happened, Rishita made fun of Shiva’s clothes, Raavi took a stand for Shiva and washed his clothes. Gautam says what shall I do, I m not worried for Raavi, but for Rishita, she made fun of Shiva. She says Shiva didn’t answer Rishita, he laughed at himself, Shiva is changing, Rishita will also change with time. He says fine, then let this go on. She says I didn’t mean that. He says I won’t talk to you until you tell the truth to mum, its final.


Pandya Store 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhara tells Suman that she has divided the house, she was tired explaining the children, they didn’t understand her. Suman gets shocked.


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