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Pandya Store 1st November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 1st November 2021 Episode starts with Dhara asking Gautam to show the file. He does a drama and asks are you doubting on me. He acts and says doctor asked me to take care of you and baby, I m failing because of you. He sits eating the khichdi. Dhara calms down and says I m hungry, did you make khichdi for me or yourself.

She eats the khichdi and says its really tasty, I know you are hiding something from me, tell me about your affair by tomorrow. He says my answer won’t change, I have no affair, there is no one in my life. She asks did you clean this room. He says yes. She asks how did this dust come, you clean this room instead asking Raavi and Rishita.

He says fine, I will do, don’t take stress, think good, think of our coming life, when Tara comes in our lives, I will do the household work with you, Dev, Krish and Shiva will handle the shop. Dhara recalls the girl with him. She goes out. She hears Shiva and Raavi’s argument. She comes to their room. Shiva asks Raavi to give him freedom from the daily drama. Dhara slaps him.

She asks did you get freedom or want more. She scolds him. She says you are shaming my upbringing, like you never make mistakes and just Raavi is at fault, you will go to Disha and refuse to this alliance. Shiva thinks I don’t want that relation, but I don’t know what’s in Raavi’s heart. He says I understood. Gautam says I have to hide this file somewhere, I will hide this in mum’s room. He imagines… Krish gets the file and tells Suman about Dhara’s baby having abnormal growth. Suman worries. She cries and shouts. He says calm down, I will ask Gautam. She says I want the baby safely. She faints.

Gautam says I can’t hide it in Suman’s room. He goes to temple and asks Mahadev to take care of the family and this file. He hides it behind the idol. Dhara asks Shiva what’s in your heart. Shiva gets Disha and his pic. Raavi sees Dhara. She says let it be, he likes a donkey, but a fairy. He thinks I like to see her getting jealous, but why is she jealous, what’s between us. Gautam comes. He stares at the pic.

Raavi says you both look cute together, get inside the phone. Shiva says who is the donkey and who is the fairy. She says this was expected from you, of course I m the fairy. He says you think I love that donkey, what shall I do to get my heart on a fairy like you. Raavi looks at him. Shiva sees Gautam there and goes. Dhara says you want to stay in this house with Shiva, why don’t you speak up, what’s stopping now, if you love Shiva and want to save this relation, then speak up your feelings.

Raavi says its too late, nothing can happen now. Gautam worries. Dhara says then stop this drama, I don’t know who to support, you both make me mad, I m hurt. Raavi sees Gautam and goes. Gautam goes to console Dhara. He says I m with you, don’t take stress, we will bring them together. Dhara scolds him and goes. Anita sees Gautam’s pic and smiles. She gets Hardik and her pic. Prafulla comes and says you both look so good together. Anita says don’t bring Hardik between Gautam and me, I will not marry him. Prafulla says then sit unmarried like this, your marriage won’t happen with Gautam. Anita gets upset.

Raavi thinks of Shiva and Dhara’s words. She thinks why do I feel restless, why can’t I tell him my feelings. Gautam is at the shop. He gets Anita’s call. Anita asks how is everyone at home. She asks did Dhara’s doubt get less or not. He says don’t know, I m busy at the shop, I will talk later. She says okay bye. She thinks he was sounding so low, I should do something good for him. Dev asks Gautam not to worry. Gautam says when a wife doubts you, then life becomes like fire. Dev’s friends come.

They say we are going to Goa. Dev says I can’t come. Gautam says tell them that you are going to Goa with your wife. Dev’s friends say its good, your wife also works now, you are lucky, you will enjoy on her money. Dev says I work all day at the shop. Gautam hears them. His friends leave. Gautam sees Dev upset. Dev gets Rishita’s message. He replies. He gets angered. Shiva sees Raavi arguing with the auto driver. He smiles and says she is like Dhara. Disha sees Shiva and waves to him. She crosses the road. Shiva sees a speeding car towards her. He shouts to her. Disha gets hit. She falls down. He runs to her. Raavi looks on. Shiva asks where is your focus. Disha says on you, and smiles.


Pandya Store 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gautam says you have never hurt me in ten years, truth is that…. Dhara worries.


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