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Pandya Store 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 20st May 2021 Episode starts with Suman calling Gautam and saying I will come tomorrow, I got stuck on the way. He asks where are you, I will come to take you. She says I can handle it myself, I will come and get family’s love, tell me, if everything is fine or not. Gautam sees Dhara. He says no, everything is fine. Suman says stay happy, I will reach tomorrow. She says Gautam and all my sons take much care of me. Prafulla smiles. Gautam says mum is on the way, she is coming tomorrow. Dhara says its good. Gautam says if mum knows you separated them, then it will be bad, stop this. She says no. He asks can mum tolerate this. She says no, mum shouldn’t know about it, I did this to make them show the strength of unity, they will know the importance of family, Shiva and Raavi can’t fight all life, Rishita will know the value of family if she gets away from us. She asks is it necessary at this time. Dhara says its better to stay away, than staying scattered. He says you can be proved wrong in front of mum. She says no, Suman shouldn’t know about it, my decision won’t change.

Shiva recalls Dhara’s words. Krish comes and says I tried to run, but first Raavi came and then Gautam. Shiva says we did wrong with Dhara. Rishita tries to talk. Dev gets warm water for her. Dhara comes there and says nothing will happen by warm water. Dev says I knew you will come. Dhara asks Rishita to get kada, her voice will come back. Krish hugs Shiva and cries. He says she would have got too hurt while beating us, she asked us to stay away, but I can’t stay without you all, can Dhara live without us. Shiva says no way, she will forgive us. Krish asks how will we convince her. Shiva says let me think. Dev hugs Dhara and says I m sorry, we trouble you a lot. Dhara says Dev leave me, if you all realized it, then we would have not seen this day, inform your wife before going out, its your duty. He says yes. She says ask her when she will cook food, then Raavi and I will cook, mum is coming tomorrow. She goes.

Dev says she is angry. Rishita says they had to get punished, its good, we will live our life separately. Dev says your voice came back. He hugs her. He says I was so scared. She says but we will not talk to those idiots, they are shameless. Dev says they got punished. She says I will not see their faces, you also don’t talk to them. He says fine, have kada and sleep now. Dev goes out and sees Raavi. They both get the ointment for Shiva and Krish. Raavi sees Dev and goes back. Dhara recalls beating Shiva and Krish. She sees her hands and cries. Gautam gets water for her. She refuses. She says its my mistake, my upbringing lacked something, so they both got sensitive, why can’t they accept Rishita. Gautam says relations take time to form. She says even Rishita isn’t ready to accept them. Gautam says Rishita should also respect them, they have to respect her too, it takes time, relations will be form with time, don’t rush, your and mum’s relation is also formed with time.

Krish says I m much hurt. Shiva says I m also hurt. Krish says I can’t sleep tonight. Dev comes. Krish says he will beat us now, Rishita is his wife. Dev scolds them. Krish says forgive me, I got much beaten up today, beat me after two days, we did wrong, Rishita always insulted Gautam and Dhara, what could we do, we are sorry. Dev asks him to move aside. He sits with them. Dev says Dhara has much strength. They smile. Shiva says sorry. They hug. Raavi comes to Dhara. She says sorry to disturb you, you were beating them and didn’t realize when you got hurt, I got ointment for you, you didn’t do wrong, but you should have not beaten Krish, he was becoming Chudail and playing this drama, but I m sure Shiva provoked him, sorry. Dhara says don’t worry for me, Gautam is there to take care of me, go and take care of Shiva. Raavi says someone would be taking care of him. Dhara says why not you, mum is coming tomorrow, if she knows about the partition, then I will leave everyone, tell this to Shiva. Gautam takes Raavi with him. He says go now, Dhara is still angry, take care of Shiva and Krish. Raavi goes. Gautam shuts the door.

Gautam applies the ointment to Dhara’s hand. She cries. Kaise mann…plays…Dev applies the ointment to Krish and Shiva. Gautam hugs Dhara. He asks her not to worry, everything will be fine with time. Yaadon ki baraat….plays…. Shiva and Krish hug Dev.


Pandya Store 21st May 2021 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Suman hugs the family and asks Prafulla to see her happiness. Prafulla taunts them.


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