Pandya Store 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 20th April 2021 Episode starts with Shiva and Raavi getting kidnapped by the goons. Gautam says Shiva and Raavi’s marriage remind me of our marriage, you weren’t happy that time. She says I m the most happiest wife now. He says I promise I will never let your happiness get down. They tie the thread and pray. He hugs her. Dev and Rishita are on the way. She says we should go away from here. Hawayein…plays… She kisses him. He smiles. Shiva gets up and sees Raavi. He asks her to shut up. The goons take them to the godown. Shiva scolds them.

Raavi and Shiva start arguing. She says sorry from his side, let us go. Goons push them down. She says you can take the phone, I have to buy a new one. Goon says take Shiva’s phone as well. Goon asks where is your phone. Shiva says maybe it fell there, I got another reason to beat you. She says please tell us, why did you get us, we can give you kirana, we don’t have money. Shiva calls her a problem. She says you aren’t my good luck charm, you are a goon, so these goons came. Shiva tries to beat them. The goons tie them up. Krish is on the way. His friend calls him and says Shiva’s bike is fallen here, I think someone kidnapped them. Krish gets shocked.

Shiva and Raavi argue. They ask the goons to save them from each other. He asks her to just be quiet. Prafulla says I m worried for Raavi. Jagat says Suman, Gautam and Dhara are there to take care of her. She says they won’t be always with her always, Shiva will be with Raavi, I m tensed. Jagat says call her, I will try to call Shiva. He calls Shiva. Shiva’s phone rings. Raavi says your phone is around. Shiva recalls dropping his phone. Raavi asks him to answer the call. He says my hands are tied up, can’t you see. Prafulla shouts he killed my daughter, I m not blind, I m going to see Raavi. She leaves. Dhara calls Dev and asks where did you reach. Dev says we are reaching. He says Dhara worries for us, so she calls.

Rishita thinks Dhara just acts. She says I feel our love is lost, marriage brings two people closer, I feel you went away from me, we will go away from here, there won’t be anyone. He says you talk of love and then going away from family, real fun is to be with family, life becomes beautiful, if Dhara thought of this after marrying Gautam, then we brothers would have been begging on the streets today. Kalyani cries for Rishita. Janardhan says don’t worry, she will be back soon. Kalyani say she won’t come this way. He says I know, but if her husband is kidnapped, then… She asks what do you mean. He says I mean I got Dev kidnapped, she has to come to meet me, when she comes here, I will send her away from Dev, Pandya family can’t find her, I will throw Dev into the sea. Kalyani asks will you kill him. Janardhan says yes, we have to answer him.

Dev says I also want your support, but not by leaving family behind, you are upset that our wedding night didn’t happen, you know what happened on Gautam and Dhara’s wedding night. He tells her about Dhara leaving her room to the kids. He says Dhara is good, you are thinking this, right. Rishita says I have no quality like Dhara, why did you marry me. He says I love you. She says yes, I m different, don’t make me like Dhara. He says no, no one can become Dhara, she is different, if you can’t accept my family, then you can never get me, come for the puja. Gautam calls Shiva. He says Shiva isn’t answering, Raavi’s phone is switched off. Dev says even Krish’s phone isn’t reachable. Dhara says I m worried. Rishita says they are so careless, we are waiting for them, they both would be fighting. Dev asks did anyone ask you anything, go there and sit. Dhara says don’t shout on her, she is also worried for them. Gautam says call Krish, I will call Shiva. Shiva tries to reach his phone.


Pandya Store 21st April 2021 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krish comes to Gautam and says Shiva and Raavi got kidnapped. Everyone gets shocked. Raavi argues with Shiva.


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