Pandya Store 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 20th July 2022 Episode starts with Suman scolding everyone. Shiva asks Gautam and Dev to hold mum’s hand first. Suman says you get quiet, I know your wife’s dreams also, she wants followers on her phone, I will search everyone’s rooms.

Rishita asks Dev to go and find Krish. Dev says don’t worry, we will see, you are thinking wrong. She says I had unfulfilled wishes with that money.

Suman says you also have greed, if Krish doesn’t have money, then I will find out. Dev says we don’t want money. Suman asks them to come fast. Rishita says I m worried, where can Krish go. Shiva says we should find Krish.

Krish calls Kirti. Kirti says please let me go, I want to marry Krish. Janardhan says I can understand you love Krish, try to understand my situation, we won’t have any respect if you run away and marry, call Krish and ask him to come here, I will get you married to him. She says he isn’t ready to come here and stay with us, he loves his family, try to understand. Everyone looks for Krish.

Kirti disconnects Krish’s call. Kamini asks don’t you love us. Kirti says I do, I promise, I will get Krish here once we get married. Suman checks Raavi’s cupboard first. She sees the clothes and jewellery. She asks Raavi to open the other drawer. Gautam says Krish isn’t here, come. Dhara is shocked.

Shiva and Dev shout Krish. Kamini says you go if you want, but listen to me once. Kirti shouts I love Krish, he also loves me, I don’t want to hear anything. Kamini says your love is enough to feed you, right. Kirti says he is earning now. Janardhan says Rishita said he doesn’t earn anything. Kirti says I will prove it to you, he gave me a diamond set.

Raavi opens the drawer. Suman sees the chocolates. Raavi says Shiva gets this for me. Suman sees the snacks inside the drawer. She asks who keeps the snacks this way, clean it. She says I will know when you spend the money.

She goes. Kirti says see this, he gifted me diamonds. Janardhan checks it and says you are foolish, you can’t differentiate between real diamond and stones, this is worth 5rs, shall I buy this for you, its enough, ask him to come here, if you decided to stay in that hut, then get out. Kirti is shocked.

Gautam lifts Suman and takes her. She asks him to hurry up. Rishita says Krish isn’t here, you can check the rooms, you won’t get the money, he isn’t answering my calls. Dhara says maybe he blocked your number, but he can’t run away with the money. Rishita says you got blind in motherly love, why would the thief just steal 5 lakhs, he would have taken the entire bag, Krish has done this.

Suman says shut up, maybe someone kidnapped Krish. Krish calls Kirti. She answers. Kamini takes the phone and disconnects. She says if you have decided to go, then I won’t ask you to change your decision, try to understand, Krish doesn’t do any trading, he is useless, I can call his home, if they blame you, then… they will insult your dad later. Dhara says he isn’t answering my calls, go and find him.

Gautam nods. Rishita says Krish is really clever. Raavi says you are saying like he is your enemy. Rishita says I worry for Krish and money also. Raavi says think why would he take money. Dev says calm down. Rishita says he wants to elope and marry Kirti, he likes to spend money. Shiva says we will go and find Krish. Rishita says yes, you all are wrong, money is with him.

Kamini says you will have a small room in their house, you have to use common toilet, you have to wash utensils, you can’t have any shopping plans or foreign holidays, if you want such a life, then fine, go with him happily, Rishita is adjusting, you also do. Janardhan smiles. Kirti cries. Kamini returns her phone.

Dhara says they will bring Krish, don’t worry. Raavi gets Kirti’s pic on the social media. Raavi says I got to know where did Krish go. Suman asks where. Raavi says a guy can do such a thing if he wants to spend money, or if he is in love, Krish loves Kirti, check Kirti’s post, she is going to elope with Krish, so Krish has stolen the money. Everyone is shocked. Krish calls Kirti.


Pandya Store 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Krish comes home. He gives the money. Suman slaps him. She says I will throw you out of the house.


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