Pandya Store 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 21st April 2021 Episode starts with the goons stopping Shiva from answering the call. Goon gets Janardhan’s call and takes his name. Janardhan scolds him for taking his name. Shiva shouts to Janardhan. Janardhan asks him to just make Shiva shut up. Goons beat Shiva. Goon asks shall we kill Shiva and this girl. Janardhan asks who is that girl, I asked you to kidnap Dev and Shiva. Goon says that girl was with Shiva. Janardhan I will come there. Bua slaps Janardhan and asks why did you kidnap them. Janardhan says I will give them an answer, you have to clear this mess, leave it on me now, not a word anymore now. Suman prays that everything gets fine. Jagat and Prafulla come and ask for Raavi.

Suman pulls Prafulla’s ears. She says Raavi has gone with Shiva to the temple for puja. Jagat asks Prafulla did she hear it. Suman says don’t come shouting here, else you won’t be able to see Raavi’s face, go now. They leave. Prafulla sits at the door. She says I won’t go until I meet Raavi. Raavi cries and blames Shiva. Shiva says don’t tell me, scold Janardhan. Raavi curses Janardhan. Goon gets Kamini Bua’s call. She says whatever happens in this kidnapping, Janardhan’s name shouldn’t come in this, I will fill your house with money. Goon says fine, your name won’t come. She says Pandya family has become a problem for us. Dhara drops the aarti plate and worries. She prays for her children. She gets dizzy. Gautam holds her. Dev sprinkles water on her. She says I m fine, Shiva, Raavi…. Shiva tries to break the ropes. He goes to the window.

Gautam says nothing will happen to Shiva, he is a tiger, don’t worry, he is taking time, but he will come. Dev says don’t worry, Raavi and Shiva will come. She says call Shiva. Raavi sees a lizard and screams. Shiva asks her to shut up, goons will come upstairs if she shouts. She lies on his shoulder and says I m scared of a lizard. He jokes. Rishita says Dhara also got dizzy, I got lemonade for everyone. Gautam and Dhara refuse. Dev gets angry on Rishita. She says I will have it. Dhara asks where did they go. Krish comes to the temple. Gautam asks where are Shiva and Raavi. Krish says Shiva’s bike was found fallen on the road, my friend said that some goons kidnapped them. They all get shocked. Goon comes to check Raavi. He pities her. He says you just got married, you will become a widow now, what if your lover dies, I will become your lover. Shiva gets angry. Dhara asks who kidnapped them. Dev says Janardhan did this, no one else can do this. Rishita asks what nonsense, my dad has no revenge with them. Dev says I know your dad better than you, he is hurting my family. She says I will call him. He says you won’t call him. Shiva asks the goon to mind his tongue. Goon makes Raavi away from Shiva. Shiva kicks him down. He gets free from the ropes. He beats the goon and says I told you to tie up well. He ties the goon. Raavi asks Shiva where is he going. Shiva goes. She says he really left me here.

Gautam says Dev is right, you can’t talk to your dad, if he did this, then he will get alert. He asks Krish to take Dhara and Rishita home. He says Dev and I will go to find them, don’t talk about kidnapping in front of Suman. Dhara says get my children home safely. Gautam says yes, go home. She cries and prays at the temple. Goon points gun at Shiva and asks him to step back. Goon points gun at Raavi. Shiva scolds him. Raavi says he left me here, kill him, not me. She worries for Raavi. Shiva gets tied again. Goon threatens to shoot him. Raavi and Shiva argue. They try to free their ropes. Raavi’s pallu slides down her shoulder. Shiva looks at her.


Pandya Store 22nd April 2021 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gautam and Dev meet Janardhan. Gautam threatens Janardhan. Shiva asks Raavi to free her rope if she wants to stay alive.


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