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Pandya Store 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 21st June 2021 Episode starts with Dhara and Gautam talking about Shiva and Raavi. He says I m sure of one thing, your belief, Shiva and Raavi will come close and love each other, like we love each other. She says we will always be together, I m thinking to keep a surprise party for Raavi, she will be happy. Rishita asks is it necessary to go now, I will get bored at Prafulla’s house.

Dev says I m not sending you away, its tough for me to pass time, its more difficult to spend the night, you hide and come to me at night. She says you are so naughty. Raavi gets Shiva’s tshirt. She arranges his clothes. Shiva asks will you stay happy without me. She says yes, there is no doubt. He asks are you thinking well and saying it. She turns away. He disappears. She thinks what was I thinking. Its morning, everyone prays at the temple. Shiva gets a call. Gautam signs to ask what. He asks Shiva why isn’t he answering. Shiva says its just a call.

Rishita looks at Dev. Gautam asks who is calling you. Shiva says its for credit card. Dhara gives prasad to everyone. Suman asks Prafulla to see, she is sending her bahus well, send them back the same way. Prafulla asks Raavi and Rishita to come. Suman says my sons will hold their hands and drop them, you don’t remember the rituals. Krish dances with everyone. Abhi to party….plays….

Shiva goes. Rishita thinks how shall I follow Shiva. Suman asks Dev to take Rishita. She looks for Shiva. Raavi says Shiva left the rasam. Shiva talks to Rasik bhai and says I m coming. He asks someone for lift. He stops and recalls Suman’s words. Prafulla says Raavi’s fate is bad. Suman says maybe he had some work. She asks Dhara to call Shiva. She says we will send Raavi tomorrow. Shiva gets Dhara’s call. Raavi says its fine, I will go with Prafulla. Dhara says Shiva isn’t answering. Shiva comes and holds Raavi’s hand. Shehnai….plays… Everyone smiles.

Suman says my son has come on time. Shiva gives Raavi’s hand to Prafulla and sees the bangles. Prafulla says someone promised to get the bangles back, what happened. Shiva gets a call. He says I have some imp work, I will come. He goes. Suman says he did the rasam, let him go. Dev takes Rishita. Rishita acts of a sprain. She says I will refuse to go, tell them that I m much hurt, do as I say. Dev asks what are you saying. He says I think she is much hurt, I will drop her later. Rishita says I will go and rest in the room, I will go, Dev you can come later after completing the rasam. She leaves. Raavi meets everyone and goes. Rishita sees Shiva leaving. She lies to get a lift. She follows Shiva. Prafulla gets angry seeing the nek amount. Raavi says person’s intention is seen than the amount. Prafulla says they can never intend us to do good with us, Shiva ran away after the rasam. Shiva comes to Rasik bhai.

Rishita goes to see. Shiva gives the property papers. Rasik says you came on time. Raavi says you get the early mahurat of my return. Prafulla says don’t say this, look at yourself, you are crying, this is because of Shiva, you respect yourself. Raavi says you also insult me, you hate that family, you don’t think that I m married there, Shiva also insults you and don’t think that I m a part of the family, everyone cares for their hatred, no one thinks that I m suffering in all this. She goes.

Rasik says papers are right, you will get the money. Shiva says my brothers and family shouldn’t know this. Rasik says yes. Dhara and Gautam fold sarees and talk about Shiva. Suman comes to taunt him. He says I was just helping Dhara. She says Mansukh bhai called, he wants papers, we can sell the land. Gautam asks Dhara to get the papers. Dhara gets it. Suman says its your dad’s birthday after 6 months, I want to launch the new Pandya store on that day. Gautam says its really good, I promise you, we will open the store on that day. The papers fall down. He picks the papers. Rasik says the property will be mine if I don’t get the money in 6 months, then everyone will know, sign on the papers. Shiva signs the papers and takes money. He sees Rishita coming. Gautam checks the papers. Shiva worries.


Pandya Store 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishita thinks to show the bag to the family, only then they will believe her. Shiva comes. She says I will tell everyone about your deed.


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