Pandya Store 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 21st May 2021 Episode starts with Dev scolding Shiva and Krish. He says Rishita troubles me a lot, what shall I do, I can’t support her in front of you. Shiva says you are our brother first. Krish says its our right to pull your leg. Dev says its my right to pull your ears, I know Rishita does wrong, but she is part of our family. Krish says we did wrong, forgive us. Dev hugs them. Shiva says its hurting. Raavi sees them hugging. She smiles. Shiva sees her. She goes. Dhara cries. Someone knocks the door. She goes to check. She gets a note. Kuch nahi….plays… Krish and Shiva write sorry and slide the papers inside. She cries and thinks sometimes mum has to take a strict step to show the right path to children. She tears the papers and opens the door. They run aside. She throws the papers and shuts the door. She cries.

They also cry. Gautam hugs Dhara and sleeps. Krish says our plan failed. Shiva says don’t worry, we will convince her. Krish says yes, what else can we do than saying this, don’t beat me now. Dev sees Rishita sleeping. He hears her talking in sleep. She asks Dhara to beat them more. He checks her and asks are you fine. She wakes up and says Dev… Dhara was beating Shiva and Krish. Dev says entire family is worried, I m not getting sleep by tension. She says don’t worry, its justice to do wrong with wrong. He asks her to sleep. She says you also sleep.

Raavi puts the cushions on the bed. Shiva asks the reason. She says I thought your back is hurt, so cushions will give comfort. He asks her not to care for him. She says I know you are hurt that you have hurt Dhara. He says you keep your feelings and cushions to yourself, you won’t get an entry in my heart. They argue and have a pillow fight. Prafulla and Anita get disturbed by mosquitoes. Suman wakes up and scolds Prafulla for disturbing her sleep. She asks Anita not to go out, sleep on the bed, under the fan. Anita gets happy. Prafulla says I knew you will call me. Suman asks Prafulla to switch off lights. She thinks Anita will dance on my tune.

Krish comes to Raavi. He sees Shiva and Raavi resting on the bed after the pillow fight. He says sorry, I didn’t know I have to knock and come. Raavi asks Krish to come. She says you know Shiva fights with me to lessen sorrow. Krish returns her stuff and says sorry to take it without asking. She says I was thinking wrong, I forgive you. He asks her to continue snowfall game, it looks romantic, good night. She asks shall I slap you, your night won’t be good now. He says you can pull our leg. He goes. Shiva says don’t tell him anything. She asks him to sleep now, fight tomorrow. They lie to sleep. Its morning, Rishita makes breakfast. Dev sees the roasted toast. He says Dhara would have made something good, I will have it and come. She says Dhara made our kitchen separated. He says her anger would have calmed down, this drama won’t go long, everything will get fine in few days. Raavi takes a bath and comes. She dries her hair.

Shiva wakes up by the water sprinkling on his face. He pulls her and asks her not to shower water on him. They start arguing. He says I will not get separated from Dhara, you keep your breakfast, you don’t cook well. She says you can fight with me, but Dhara is really angry, don’t do anything that angers her. Dhara gets ready. Gautam says I spoke to pandit, puja arrangements are done, mum will be coming, you set her room, don’t be angry on me, I didn’t do any mistake. She says yes, but Krish spoilt because of you. He holds her and asks her to say again. She says fine, he spoilt because of me, I will find a way to reform him. He smiles and asks her to forget it, make breakfast for everyone. She says if I fall weak and don’t punish them, then they will take my words lightly.


Pandya Store 22nd May 2021 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raavi says Suman is sharp, she will know that our kitchens are separated. Dhara asks them to manage, its their responsibility now. Suman looks on.


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