Pandya Store 21st May 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 21st May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 21st May 2022 Episode starts with Janardhan asking did the bank manager refuse to give you the loan, you can work in my house and also get your brothers along for work, I will give you double pay.

Gautam taunts him and calls him similar to a dog. He says bank manager refused to give me loan, but you were waiting for me here, why all this, to make me bend down, I will never bend down and ask you for help. He leaves. Dev and Rishita are leaving from home. Raavi gets the food. She looks for Suman.

She goes out and asks Kanta. Kanta says Suman went that way, she was saying about Dev going to Ahmedabad, is he really going. Raavi worries and calls Shiva. She says Kanta has heard Suman saying about Dev, I think she went to Janardhan’s house, come there. Shiva leaves. Suman is on the way.

She says I won’t let Janardhan succeed in his plan, I will bring Dev home. She sees Dev in the car. She follows Dev. She shouts. Dev doesn’t listen. She falls down the wheelchair because of the pit. Shiva comes there and holds Suman. She gets a paralytic attack. Shiva and Raavi worry for Suman.

Raavi calls an ambulance. She signs no to Shiva. Shiva lifts Suman and runs on the road. Dhara asks Gautam is everything fine. Gautam says Janardhan offered me a servant’s job. She says I m ashamed to call him our relative, don’t talk to him. Gautam says once Dev comes home, I will show our strength.

He gets a call and asks which hospital. Doctor checks Suman and says she is critical, she is in shock, that’s why she got a paralytic attack. Shiva and Raavi get shocked.

Shiva asks will she get fine. Gautam and Dhara come there. Gautam asks what happened to her. Doctor asks them to go out. They go out. Krish comes and asks what happened to Suman. Shiva says paralytic attack. Dhara asks Gautam not to worry, Suman will be fine. Raavi says I will never forgive Dev and Rishita.

Dev and Rishita are at some hotel. Dev cheers her up. She says I feel we are leaving something imp behind. He says its nothing. He thinks to keep her happy. Raavi says Suman got to know that Dev and Rishita are going to Ahmedabad, she followed them and got a stroke on the way.

Dhara says I will bring back Dev, he has to come. She calls Dev. He doesn’t answer. Gautam calls Dev. Dev switches off the phone. Rishita asks what are you doing. Dev gives her roses. Mann mast lagan….plays…. He dances with her. He says we won’t think of anything. Doctor says we are shifting your mum to ICU. Dev says we will live as we want. Suman takes Dev’s name and recalls him.

Doctor asks them to call Dev here, it will help the patient. Shiva goes to find out. He knocks the door. Kamini argues with him.He asks about Dev. She says I don’t know. He says mum is in hospital, she suffered a paralytic attack, tell me where is Dev. She asks him to call Dev and find out. She refuses to say. He takes her in the tempo. Dev kisses Rishita. They dance and smile. Dhara and Gautam see Suman.


Pandya Store 22nd May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Janardhan gives the job to Gautam, and keeps a condition. He says I will have your house papers mortgaged to me.


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