Pandya Store 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 22nd April 2022 Episode starts with Rishita and Raavi arguing. Dev asks Suman to bless him for the new work. He says I want your blessings to work sincerely, I m doing this for my child, I don’t want my child to see the childhood like mine. Suman blesses and goes. Gautam does tilak to Dev and wishes him all the best.

Dev asks for Dhara. Gautam says she has gone with Hardik to see a girl for him, she will come in few days. Dev and Rishita leave. Shiva says he left his family and then opened a shop in front of ours. Gautam says you are scared that he will go ahead of you, this is not right, you prove yourself better than Dev.

Dev and Rishita are at the shop. The men taunt him for the Sasural’s favor. They ask why didn’t your family come to support. Dev sees Rishita. Shiva hears the business competition announcement and gets a pamphlet. He comes to the store. He sees Dev at the new store. Dev thinks if this new store runs well, then the money will come in our house only. Janardhan says I feel we did a mistake by naming the shop to Dev, if his heart melts and he names the shop to his brothers then..

we should have named it to Rishita. Kamini says don’t worry, just send Dev to the suppliers today, we will think what to do. Rishita asks Dev to do billing. She says no one has come for us. Gautam says we should stand with Dev, he is running his business. Suman says he is under someone’s favor. He says I won’t force you to go. Dev sits for billing. Shiva sees the customers queue at the new store.

He says what’s going on, we didn’t get any customer today. Raavi asks how will this go on now. He says we have to do something. He puts discount on the board. The man says you have become owner of the new shop now, its good you got separated from your brothers. Gautam hears this. Dev says I don’t agree with you, one gets away from happiness when he gets away from family.

Gautam sees the discount board and asks who has gone mad here. Shiva says you have come back because you felt bad. Gautam says I m not feeling good seeing you lose the principles. Shiva asks what principles,

we have to change principles according to market. Gautam says if my heart is not ready to accept this chance, then what shall I do, I don’t understand, I feel my body has split into two halves, I don’t know where is my heart, I feel I m between strangers. Rishita gets Janardhan’s call. She says we will go home for lunch, come. They see the discount board at Pandya store.

Gautam says this isn’t happening right. He leaves. Shiva says he got upset with me, very soon, he will get happy and pat my shoulder, he will be proud of me, I m doing this for my shop and family, he will understand this with time, do you trust me Raavi. Rishita says they just acted to get happy, he gave the discounts to compete with us. She asks Janardhan to get stock for the shop. He asks her to book a flight for Dev. She says its in next 4 hours. Janardhan asks Dev to invest in stock,

Rishita and he will manage the shop. Dev agrees. Both the Pandya stores run at the same time. Raavi says we have to do something permanent, this discount solution won’t help us always. Shiva says we will get money to run the shop. He asks what are you thinking. He thinks I m not clear right now, I won’t tell her. He says nothing. He goes seeing the pamphlet.

Its night, Gautam is on the way. He gets Suman’s call. He says I can’t come home, Dhara has called me to meet the girl for Hardik, I will come tomorrow. He sees two guys fighting. He recalls Shiva and Dev. He scolds them and asks them not to complicate their relations. He sadly leaves. Janardhan claps. He asks what happened, you couldn’t handle your brothers, you have run away. Gautam says no. Janardhan insults him. He says no one can save your relations from shattering this time, I will break your family apart.


Pandya Store 23rd April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gautam runs on the road. A thief catches him to rob. Gautam gets hit by a truck. Shiva calls him. Gautam is fallen injured on the road.


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