Pandya Store 23rd July 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 23rd July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 23rd July 2022  Episode starts with Krish coming to work at the store. Dev, Shiva and Gautam ask him to go to the college, they will talk to Suman. Krish says I won’t go, I will work here, tell me what work to do.

Shiva asks him to come and lift sacks. Dev says no need to lift sacks. Shiva asks why not, if we all can lift the sacks. Krish says I won’t go to college, everyone will make fun of me. Shiva explains him the work. He says he is heartbroken.

Rishita makes coffee for Dhara. Dhara hugs her. She says don’t take tension from Krish’s side, I promise you. Rishita argues with her. She says Kirti didn’t ask him to steal. Dhara says he did that for love, I will bring him on the right path, you are going to become a mum, live this phase happily, leave tensions on me.

Rishita says you fight and then tell me to stay happy. Dhara asks when did I fight with you. Kaki comes to ask for money. Dhara says I will ask money from Suman. Kaki asks did Suman catch your mistake that she snatched the keys from you. Suman smiles. Raavi comes talking to the followers live. Dhara comes to ask for money. She falls. The keys fall off Suman’s hand. It falls into the well. They get shocked.

Raavi is still live on the social media. Suman says you told the world that the keys fell in the well, dive in and get the keys. The phone is still live. Dhara says I will call Gautam. Suman scolds her. Raavi gets a wire and says I will get the keys now. Suman says wire can’t pull the keys. Rishita laughs.

Raavi says I can’t see anything in darkness. Rishita gets a torch. Raavi says I can’t see anything. Rishita says I don’t think we will get the keys. Suman stares. Rishita says we will get it. Dev makes Shiva’s profile.

Dhara calls Gautam and asks him to come home, Suman’s keys fell into the well. He asks what shall I do, shall I jump into the well. She asks him to get someone. Gautam asks Dev to handle the shop, he will just come, the keys fell in the well. Shiva asks Krish to hurry up.

Milk vendor comes and asks Dhara for money. Dhara says come in the evening. He asks her to give the money. She says the room keys fell into the well. Gautam gets a man. He says you have to make keys for that room lock.

Suman stops the man and says we won’t make any new key, you will make extra keys and get the money. Dhara says he will make just one key. Suman asks the keymaker to leave. Gautam says at least, let him break the lock, everyone is waiting for the money. Suman says no, get the keys from the well.

Another lady comes to ask for money. Dhara says I don’t have money, Suman has the money, the room keys fell into the well. Lady asks are you joking, I know, you run this house, give me money.

Dhara asks Suman to agree. Suman says key won’t be made, lock won’t break, get the keys from the well. Dev asks Shiva to follow Raavi now. He asks Krish where is your focus, make the list well. Krish asks why didn’t you keep the phone aside. Shiva and Dev scold him. He sees the live video of the house. He asks Dev to see.

Dev says that’s our house. Suman asks the keymaker to leave, else she will beat him. Dhara signs him to stop. The man asks them to decide first. Dhara asks Suman to please agree, just one key will be made. Dev asks Shiva not to get angry. Shiva says she is mad, I will get an answer from her.


Pandya Store 24th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiva scolds Raavi for making fun of the family. Dhara is stuck somewhere. She sees a lady in danger. She runs to save her.


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