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Pandya Store 23rd October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 23rd October 2021 Episode starts with Dhara saying Gautam has gone on a girl’s call, I have to go and find him. She tells Shiva and goes. Raavi comes on stage as Sita and acts. The people joke on her. Dev says you are Mandvi. Raavi says Dhara has gone to find Gautam. Krish comes on the stage as Ram.

She calls him Shatrughan. Krish says I m Ram. Rishita says he has become Ram. Raavi says Ram in this costume, you can’t go to vanvas in this costume, where are your Sanyasi clothes. Krish says I don’t have it, I will become Shatrughan again. The people laugh. Dev says you tell Ram’s dialogues. The manager says put down the curtains. Suman hides her face. Shiva ties up Prafulla.

She shouts and asks him to leave her. He asks her to keep shouting. Gautam comes. Anita sees him. Shiva stops Hardik and says I have a surprise for you there. Hardik says fine. He goes to see. Gautam thinks Dhara can’t tolerate this big shock, I won’t let her know this, Mahadev will make everything fine. Dhara calls him.

The manager asks Shiva and Raavi to become Ram and Sita. Shiva says no way. The manager asks Dev and Rishita to become Ram and Sita. Dev says fine. She says no. The manager asks who will become Ram and Sita now. The people get angry.

Raavi says we will handle everything, play some song. Anita comes to Gautam and asks what happened, why are you worried. He cries and says I went to meet Dhara’s doctor, the fetus isn’t developing normally. She says don’t worry. He says I m in pain, if I tell anyone, then they will worry, Dhara will break down.

He holds her hands and cries. Anita says everything will get fine, I will pray for you, don’t worry, its a big day for me that you trusted me and told this big matter to me. He thinks I should have not told this to Anita. He says sorry, I should have not told this to you, I have to make myself strong for Dhara’s sake, doctor said that we have to stay positive, don’t tell this to anyone. She says we are friends, I will keep this a secret, thanks for trusting me. He thanks her.

She asks him to wipe his tears and go on the stage, everyone is waiting for Ram. He says I have to go smiling for Dhara’s sake. Dhara sees them. She says Gautam is some with girl. She gets upset and says he is busy that he didn’t take my call, did Kanta’s bahu say right, can Gautam change, I won’t let this happen, I will lose so soon. The manager asks Gautam and Dhara to return to the pandal. Gautam goes. Raavi and Rishita dance on Ghar morey….

Everyone claps. They ask what’s this drama instead Ramleela. Janardhan says when Gautam comes, I will kidnap her. The manager says forgive me, think of your family and mum’s respect. Shiva says our wives are dancing on the stage. The manager says they will stop some day. Dev and Shiva see Gautam and Anita coming. The man says I m ready to kidnap him. The goons come. They catch Gautam and Anita. Gautam beats the goons. Shiva and Dev come. The goons run away.

Gautam says they were Janardhan’s goons. Shiva asks where did you go. Dev asks where is your wig, come fast. Prafulla says save me. The kids see her and get scared. Hardik goes there and sees Prafulla. He frees her and asks who tied you with this Raavan’s leg. She says Shiva is a devil. He says Shiva is good, he has sent me to help you. She says enough, forget it, we will go and see Pandya leela on the stage. They come to see Ram leela. Prafulla laughs and taunts Suman. Suman says laugh if you want, Raavan Dahan will happen in some time, Gautam is still missing.

She asks Disha to take her inside. Shiva says everyone was asking for you. Dev asks where did you go. Anita says Gautam went to the shop for work. Raavi says you know it right. Anita says focus on Ramleela. Suman sees Gautam and asks where did you go, where is Dhara. Shiva says she will come, she went to find Gautam. Raavi sees Disha staring at Shiva and smiling. She covers up Shiva’s chest with a cloth and makes an excuse. Dhara comes. She gets angry seeing Gautam. Suman asks are you fine. Dhara taunts Gautam.


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