Pandya Store 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 24th September 2022 Episode starts with Suman asking Dhara to take Chiku. Dhara says Suman did all this for me. Suman says everyone start preparations now. She discusses with Dev. She asks Rishita not to do anything, just make the mood good. Krish comes and hugs Suman.

He apologizes. She says we will support you, you keep Shweta happy and you stay happy. Gautam says Raavi, Shiva will get late today. Dhara looks for Shweta. Rishita says maybe she has run away, she is not trustworthy.

Shweta comes and says I went to take items for Navratri. Rishita says you have become responsible before marriage. Shweta says you gave me 2000rs for Chiku’s items, I saved the money, I got these puja items, you keep the remaining money. Everyone smiles. Suman asks Shweta to be sincere. Shweta thinks to win their trust.

Its night, Krish comes to meet Shweta. He asks are you ready for marriage. She says when two families are involved, our consent is not so imp. He says I m feeling scared now. She asks why did you talk about marriage then.

He asks are you not happy. She says you should have waited, I wasn’t running away. He says I was in guilt, thanks a lot. She says I m ready for marriage. He smiles. He goes. She gets angry and says he is getting close, what shall I do.

Forum calls her. Shweta asks why did you call me. Forum says I have changed my number, I m tensed, the police is finding me, I have no option than going to Dubai, if I get caught, then I will tell everything to the police. Shweta says its good news. Forum says you have to bear my expenses. Shweta says yes, I m also planning to go to Dubai, don’t worry for money, I will give you money, I m marrying Krish,

else mom and dad won’t give me any property, no one will stop me once I get Chiku’s custody, I will accuse Krish for domestic violence, then he won’t think of marrying again. Forum says don’t ruin his life. Shweta says I m helpless to marry. Rishita comes and asks what are you talking about.

Shweta says I expect some respect, so please stop doing this, its enough. They argue. Shweta lies to her. She gets a call and worries that it maybe Forum’s call. Krish says I like Shweta. Shiva and Dev say you didn’t tell us before, we brothers share talks. Dev says he isn’t a kid now, he has big responsibility on him,

I m really proud of him. Krish says Dhara has also taken big responsibility on herself after marriage, I have my entire family with me. Shiva says yes, we will always be there, you became a father already, laugh now. Shweta takes her phone and scolds Rishita. Rishita leaves. Shweta gets Forum’s call.

She says I will arrange money, I also have to go to Dubai. She ends call. She says I don’t know when will dad give money for the marriage. Gautam sees Dhara and smiles. They have a romantic moment. He says I m so happy, Krish is getting married, you will have three bahus, you will be mine now. Dhara says you said the same at that time also.

He lifts her. She asks what are you doing, anyone can come. Dev comes and turns away saying sorry. Gautam says I was checking Dhara’s weight, she is eating a lot these days. Dev jumps into his lap and says check my weight also.

Dhara laughs. Dev jokes and runs away. Gautam shuts the door. He says his timing is bad, he always comes in between our romance. She says he came to say that I m becoming Saas and you are becoming an old Sasur. He says a lion never gets old. She teases him and laughs. Rishita says why did Shweta get tensed.

She recalls the number and dials. Forum answers the call. Shweta also calls Forum. Forum hears Rishita’s name. She disconnects. Dhara asks Rishita will you come for shopping. Forum breaks the sim.

Rishita says you had to come at this time, you spoiled my work, I don’t want to go for that girl’s shopping. Dhara says I didn’t see you are on call, what’s this way to talk. Rishita says fine, don’t talk to me, go from here. Dhara leaves. Rishita says Dhara came on wrong time, that girl was Forum. Shweta tries calling Forum.


Pandya Store 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhara says you have insecurity about Shweta, do you have a strong reason. Rishita says just Forum can help me, I will find her out.


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