Pandya Store 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 25th April 2022 Episode starts with Dhara asking Raavi what gift did Janardhan give to Dev. Raavi and Suman lie to Dhara. Dhara gets confused. Suman asks Dhara to give haldi milk to Gautam, it will relieve his pain.

Dhara goes. Shiva opens the Pandya store. Rishita looks on. Shiva does the puja. He recalls Gautam and cries. He sees Rishita at the new store. Shiva gets busy in the work. Dhara sees her room burnt. She cries seeing everything burnt. She sees Gautam and her pic. She says I feel this house is also changing along with the relations.

She goes to Gautam. He apologizes to her. He says you had to come back soon because of me, did Hardik like someone. She says he liked someone and the girl said he likes someone else, he got rejected. He smiles. She says when you smile, it looks like the entire house is smiling, when you get sad, I feel entire house is sad, I will become your legs, and you become my eyes, what gift did Janardhan give to Dev. He says I don’t know,

I left the party because the fire caught up in the house. She thinks they all are hiding something. She says I will go and get medicines. Suman thinks if she goes out, then she will see the new store and worry. Raavi asks Shiva for details and fills the form. She jokes and laughs. He says you check the spelling well and then submit the form. She says okay.

Suman asks Dhara to massage her legs. Dhara thinks Suman isn’t letting me go out to get medicines. A customer comes to Pandya store and upsets Shiva. Raavi asks Shiva to talk on call and share the business idea. Shiva prays.

He introduces himself as Shiva Masala Pandya. He praises the Pandya store. He says everyone gets a second chance, be it a shop, house or a person, I expect to get a second chance from you. Raavi smiles hearing his ideas. He gives her the phone. He gets angry. Dhara stops Shiva and asks where are you going in a rush. She turns and sees the new store. She asks what is Rishita doing in the new store.

Shiva says Janardhan has given this gift to Dev and Rishita. She says Pandya and grandson store. She asks didn’t Dev say anything. Shiva says no, he found the gift nice, look there, Dev and Rishita are giving good competition to own family. She asks Shiva to stop. Shiva goes to the new store and catches the supplier. He scolds the man. Rishita argues with Shiva and asks him to get out. The man says I m still supplying to Pandya store, what’s there of loyalty, she is paying me more, leave me.

He goes away. Rishita says your orders won’t work here, Dev and I will decide the rules here, just go away, I don’t want any negativity in my store. She holds Dhara’s arm and makes her out. Shiva and Raavi get shocked. Rishita scolds them. Dhara asks do you know what you are saying. Rishita says look at my store and your Pandya store, this shop is Somnath’s future, and that’s the past. Dhara and Shiva ee their old store.


Pandya Store 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Janardhan dances. He says congrats Shiva, Pandya family is taking part in business competition, that’s Rishita. Raavi comes and says Shiva, you got selected. Shiva says congrats Janardhan, now two Pandyas will go in the competition.


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