Pandya Store 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 25th July 2022  Episode starts with the keymaker making a key for Suman’s room. He says it will take at least 2-3 hours. Dhara says its too much, hurry up. Suman says I will cut the money from yours. Suman breaks the lock.

She opens the door and gets inside. Raavi gets her phone. She says it was left on again. Gautam holds his head. Suman gets the money. She gives the broken lock to Dhara. Rishita laughs. Suman stares at her. She gives the money. Dhara gives the money to everyone and sends them.

Shiva stops Raavi on the way. Raavi says I was getting tiffin for you. He says you should have gone live. She asks did you see the live video, the keys fell down, I didn’t know that live was on. He says Suman and Dhara got defamed, people are writing bad comments on them, did you go live intentionally.

She says I value the family. He says I know how much you value the family. She asks what’s wrong in this, my posts got profits for the veg vendors, I feel some people are reaping benefits because of me, I m not sorry.

He asks what, are you not sorry. A man comes and says I follow you on social media, can I have a selfie with you and Shiva. Shiva angrily goes. Raavi rushes after Shiva. She says I was talking about this individuality, take this tiffin. He says no, for me, its wrong, I don’t want to understand.

Dev and Rishita smile seeing the baby on the sonography machine screen. Doctor says that’s your baby. Dev and Rishita talk to the baby. Dev says its too much now, Rishita, you can see baby features also. He jokes.

Rishita cries and says I m getting emotional, baby just kicked. Doctor says baby can feel your emotions. Rishita says I m tensed that I can’t care for the baby well. Dev asks her not to worry. He clicks the pics. Doctor asks Rishita to be careful, her 8th month started. Dev asks Rishita not to worry.

Rishita shows the baby’s pic to Dhara. Dhara talks to the baby. Rishita says you got more emotional seeing the baby. She wipes her tears and goes. Shiva checks Raavi’s videos and likes it. He says she looks lovely. He reads the comments. He gets Raavi’s message. He goes inside the house.

Raavi says we can sit and talk, don’t get upset. He says we will talk later. He goes to Dhara. He says I have to talk something imp, Raavi and I had a fight. She says its nothing new. He says matter is serious this time, I don’t know if its her mistake or not. She says I won’t decide anything for anyone. He asks who will help, give me some idea. She says I don’t have to give any idea,

I took wrong decisions, not now. He says Raavi and my marriage isn’t wrong. She says you both love each other and you are happy, it doesn’t mean my decision was right that time, I had explained Krish to save money, but I have hurt him, so he is stealing in the house, my upbringing is wrong. She says sorry, I m saying this to you, you deal with this matter, I can’t be wrong in your matter.

She cries. He asks her to stop crying. He goes and shouts Krish. Raavi says he stays in his own world these days. He says you also go live all day. He goes out and sees Krish. He scolds Krish. He asks what’s Dhara’s mistake in this. Krish says right, its my mistake, Dhara takes the decisions for my life. Shiva says you took the decision of loving Kirti, if she ditched you, then how is it Dhara’s mistake, don’t make Dhara feel guilty, I will not leave you.

He says you are lucky, no one told you anything. He shows his back. He says this is the marks of the poverty, we never let you face this, I saw Gautam lifting the sacks and decided to not study, I started working in Pandya store, why are you leaving the college,

just for a girl, this is the difference between you and your brothers, if Dhara cries again, then you see. Krish worries. Shiva says it’s the same Dhara who always supports us, she always supports you, stay here if you want else leave, don’t do any favor on us.


Pandya Store 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhara sees a lady in trouble. She goes and saves her from the van. The lady and her baby fall down. Dhara asks the lady to help her. She shouts for help.


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