Pandya Store 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 25th May 2021 Episode starts with Dhara saying you came now to return my saree, it was gifted by Gautam. Shiva says he didn’t get a kulfi for us, he forgot us, he gifted a saree to Dhara. Krish says yes, right, Gautam is not ours. Shiva says he isn’t ours since ten years. She pats and says stop this drama, I understand everything. Shiva says sorry, will you beat us. Krish says last time wounds didn’t heal till now, its still paining. She says you will get beaten up if you do such mistakes, get out of my room now. Shiva asks did you forgive us. Krish says yes, she has forgiven us. Dhara takes a vase to beat them. They run out. She laughs.

She says whatever I m doing, its right or wrong, I feel Gautam is right, I should forgive the children now. Suman says something is wrong, Krish can tell me. Krish comes. She says I missed you the most. He says me too. She says I can see that. She gives him some money and says you can ask for more, its just for you. He says thanks. She tickles him. He laughs. She says I was missing to see this laugh, we shall have a talk, come. She asks what happened in all these days. He says everything is fine. She asks about Raavi and Rishita, did the fit well in the family. He thinks I can’t tell you the problems. He says yes, they adjusted well. She says I felt they didn’t fight for Dev. He coughs. She smiles and asks him to have water.

He says I m good. She says good that there is no problem. He says everything is fine, Gautam is calling me. She says I didn’t hear it. He says I will just come. He runs away. She says he got stuck in my words, he ran away, he got scared, something is wrong. Prafulla asks Anita to not get mad. Anita says I m fine, Suman is taking care of me, she is the tree of the Pandya family, I got her on my side, I know what step to take to get the tree’s fruit. She smiles cunningly. Prafulla says you have lost your mind, what do you want from Suman. Anita says Gautam. Prafulla gets shocked. Dhara cooks the food. Rishita and Raavi also cook separately. She sees Gautam and his brothers hiding.

She asks what’s happening here. Gautam says nothing, we thought to help our wives in cooking. Dev says yes, we will help. Prafulla says you are mad, you don’t know what you are saying. Anita says I did what you said, I will do anything to get Gautam. Prafulla says you are a fool, Suman talked sweetly, you think you will get Gautam, this won’t happen, forget this old paths, go on new paths and find a life, think of Hardik. Anita says no, I lost Gautam by listening to you, I love Gautam a lot, I can do anything to get him, I would have got married if I thought of this before, still I have time, Suman came on my side now, its easy to get Gautam. Prafulla looks on.

Gautam, Dev and Shiva also come to help. Dhara asks Gautam to get up. Raavi says Dhara used to make tasty food for us, this happened because of you. Shiva says I can make my own food. They argue. Rishita says I had planned to go out and have food at the hotel, Dhara ruined our plans. Dev helps Rishita. Dhara and Gautam see them. Shiva says Dhara is making my fav dish. He says I was saying that Kanta comes home sometimes to take vegs, same rule applies to us, just give some curry to me. Dhara refuses. Shiva says you can give food to neighbor, not me. He asks Gautam how can he see this happily. Gautam says you know what I feel. Krish says yes. Gautam says I want to remove my shoe and beat the three of you. Dev says I didn’t do anything. Krish says buy one get one free. Gautam signs Shiva to apologize to Dhara. Raavi says you have to take the food I cooked. Shiva says you mean I can’t have food at the hotel. Gautam stops Krish. Suman comes and asks Dhara where is she. They see Suman coming. They all act united. Shiva takes the curry. Dhara says its enough now. Dev says its such a tasty dish. Dhara says its hot, keep it down. Suman says I m so happy to see my four sons and three bahus united with love, you are cooking together in the same kitchen, I was longing to see this. She calls Krish. Krish goes to Suman. She says Krish is my fav son. He gets happy. He says now you know it, who is the fav son. Suman says my new bahus’ first rasoi, they will make Krish’s fav sweets. Krish says don’t ask about it. Suman asks what happened. Dhara worries. Dev says first rasoi is over.

Gautam says you don’t get into these matters, you go and take rest. Krish says yes, take rest, tell me how was the journey. Suman says Prafulla was there with me, she did many things. Krish says many things happened here also. Suman catches him. Everyone worries. Suman asks Krish to say about it. Prafulla and Anita come there. Dhara stops the rolling pin. She signs Raavi. Raavi says Krish, I had asked you to help me in lifting the potato sack of 5 kgs. He says your bridal lahenga was of 20 kgs, you had carried it, can’t you lift a 5 kg sack. Dev signs Rishita. Rishita thinks I won’t ask Krish to stop. Krish says ask Shiva to take the sack. Suman asks Shiva to get the sack. Dev scolds Krish. Suman asks what are you murmuring. Dev says Shiva always troubles Raavi. Krish says yes, I should help Raavi. Suman looks at their faces. Rishita thinks Dev spoiled everything. Suman says Dhara, you think I don’t understand anything, you had hidden a matter from me and so much had happened, you all are hiding something again, it will call problems again, this time I will send away Dhara from here if anything happens, Dhara will run away from here. Gautam worries for Dhara. Rishita smiles.


Pandya Store 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Suman gives gifts to everyone. Rishita argues with Suman. She says I will tell you the truth. Everyone worries. Dev gets angry.


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