Pandya Store 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 26th April 2022 Episode starts with Shiva promising to make the Pandya store really big and get the customers back, else he isn’t Dhara’s son. Dhara cries. Raavi says Shiva, your competition form uploaded, now see how you participate and win, you will get the prize money to build another floor in the shop.

Rishita insults him. She says I will see how you win, because I will also participate now to make you lose. He says fine, I accept your challenge, be ready to save your useless store. Rishita says I will win. Raavi says Shiva will win. Dhara says my wishes are with both of you. Rishita says focus on Shiva,

my education and degree are with me. Shiva asks her to fill the form. He takes Dhara with her. Dhara gets a laptop for Raavi. He says its Yash’s laptop. Shiva says we didn’t get any selection call. Dhara asks Suman to go and sleep. Suman says make Gautam sleep in my room. Gautam says no, you can’t sleep here, your health will spoil. Raavi says I have set your bedding in my room.

Dhara says Gautam will sleep here. Suman says Rishita has locked her room. She gets a hammer to break the lock. Dhara says Rishita will come to get her share, do you want our last link to break. Rishita takes part in the competition. Kirti encourages her. She says I heard in college that Gautam met with an accident, he is fine now, he came back. Rishita says I have some work, I will go home and come.

Kirti says you are at home. Rishita says I mean my home. She goes. Shiva gets some wood planks. Dhara asks why did you get this. Shiva says I got this to make your beg here, I can’t sleep here until you get a peaceful sleep, Rishita won’t come and unlock the door. He asks Krish to come and help him. Krish, Raavi and Shiva start working. Tukdon me bhikhra andhera….plays….

Suman smiles seeing them. They make a room ready for Gautam and Dhara in the corridor. Shiva smiles seeing Raavi. He helps her. They come close. She pushes him and smiles. Dhara comes there and cries seeing Shiva. She hugs him. Shiva asks did you dislike the room so much that you are crying. Dhara says you are making it really well, I didn’t think anyone will do this, I thought our family has shattered, you attempt has given me a new hope, thanks. She hugs them. Yaadon ki baraat….plays…

They make a bed ready for Gautam. They bring Gautam and make him rest. Shiva says I got the extra cooler from Vikas. Gautam says I feel lucky that my brothers are with me, I feel I got a new strength to fight life. Rishita comes home. Shiva opens the door. She sees the burnt room. Shiva says I wish I could shut the door on her face, don’t know why did she come here. Rishita comes to Gautam.

He thinks where is Dev. Suman says Rishita has come to see if we unlocked her room. Rishita says Kirti told me about your accident, I felt bad. Shiva says you had time to participate. Rishita says I know to keep business and family apart, you learn this. Shiva says we know that you kept the job away from family.

Gautam asks Rishita not to pay attention to Shiva. She says I can call a good doctor for you. He says my doctor is also good. Dhara asks her to have some food. Rishita says no, everyone would be waiting for dinner. Gautam says we are also waiting for you, that too every day, have some food.

Rishita sits to have food. Kaise mann samjhaye….plays… Gautam smiles. Rishita recalls the old moments. She cries. She calls someone and asks for cement and sand to make a room. Shiva says we don’t need your help, we don’t need to make a room,

Gautam is hurt, he can’t climb stairs. Rishita says I will come with Dev and meet Gautam. Dhara asks Shiva to drop Rishita home. She says I will go alone. Shiva asks Krish to go with her. Dhara gives money to Krish for the return trip fare. Rishita asks Gautam to have fruits. He thanks her. She leaves.


Pandya Store 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Janardhan dances on dhol. He congratulates Shiva and says my daughter Rishita is participating in business competition. Shiva says congrats, two Pandyas will go in competition to compete each other.


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