Pandya Store 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 26th July 2022 Episode starts with Dhara recalling Krish’s words. Raavi asks her to come and have food. Dhara refuses. She goes and serves food to everyone. Gautam asks her to sit and have food. She says I m not hungry.

Krish comes. Suman jokes on Krish. Krish cries aloud. Suman holds his hand. Dhara asks why are you crying, look at me, what happened, stop crying. She cries. Krish hugs her. They cry.

He falls in her feet and says forgive me, I made a mistake. She says its okay. He says I truly loved Kirti, but I have done a theft for her love, forgive me, Rishita used to say right, why would any girl like to stay with me.

Rishita says I didn’t mean that. He says I m not calling you wrong, I have realized my mistake, its good she left me, you all forgive me. Dhara says its fine, come here, you realized your mistake, think it’s a start of a good life.

Dhara says one day will come, when we all will get proud of you, don’t worry, everything will get fine. They hug and cry. Jeevan ka ye pahiya….plays… Krish hugs all the family members, and cries. Krish hugs Rishita and says forgive me, I have hurt your heart a lot. He goes to Suman. He apologizes.

Suman asks him to have food. Krish says no, I m not angry, I truly loved Kirti, try to understand me. He goes. Dhara asks will he get okay. Suman says worse can’t happen, everything will get fine. Dhara asks them to have food, she will make Krish eat later.

Its morning, Dhara goes to the temple. She prays. She says get my family out of this sorrow. Namo namo…plays… Dhara leaves. It starts raining. She runs and stands behind some tree. A lady walks holding her baby. Dhara sees a van coming. She runs and pushes the lady. They fall down. Dhara takes the baby and asks the lady to get up. She shouts for help. Dhara holds the lady and helps her stand.

Everyone comes home drenched in rain. Suman says you should have taken the umbrella. She asks Raavi to give them haldi kada. Raavi says yes, I will give clothes to Shiva first. Shiva says I will get it myself. Gautam also goes. Suman jokes. Dev also goes. Dhara makes the lady lie under the tree.

She shouts for help. She stands in the middle of the road, and stops a car. A man helps Dhara. He checks the lady. Gautam looks for Dhara and says is she with Krish. Dhara gets the lady to the hospital. Dhara pacifies the baby.

Rishita says we will take care of the baby. Dev says don’t worry, Dhara is there. She asks am I not capable to take care of the baby. Dev says no, I mean, we live in a joint family so baby responsibility will get divided. Gautam asks for Dhara.

Suman asks isn’t she at home, she went to temple in the morning, I thought she is back and sleeping in her room. He says she should have come home on time, weather is bad. He calls Dhara. Her phone is off. Suman says go and find her. He leaves.

Doctor asks are you her relative, the lady’s condition is bad, if you are alone, then take the baby and go home, I will call you if needed. Dhara says I got her here for the sake of humanity, I saved her from the accident, she didn’t wake up, so I got her to the hospital, this baby is of her.

Doctor says we have to admit her, you pay the fees and sign the consultation form. Dhara says I don’t know her, I can’t sign the form. Doctor says I understand, we will see about the form later, but pay the fees atleast, hurry up. Dhara says but… She worries.


Pandya Store 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhara comes home with the baby. Gautam says we were so worried for you, come inside. The baby cries. Suman asks whose baby did you get once again. Everyone is shocked.


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