Pandya Store 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 27th July 2022 Episode starts with Dhara asking can I make a call. She says its not working. The lady says maybe phone lines got dead due to rainfall. Raavi and Shiva argue and ask each other to become like before.

She says you have a problem that I got famous on the social media. Shiva says I wish you get more famous, I will become your fan, but do something good, this is not right. She says you think my communication skills are easy. He reads the comments on her profile.

He asks what happiness do you get by getting such comments. She says I like to express my feelings, trollers insult others, I don’t care for them. He says I know you don’t care. He asks her to show the lizard live.

She says you are also making fun of me. He says I m explaining you, I feel this is defaming you. Dhara says the lady will get conscious and find her baby first. Doctor says it’s a small clinic, we have no nursery, you have to go far to find a nursery, its not possible in this weather, take the baby along.

Dhara says she may blame me for kidnapping the baby. Doctor says I can write a letter and give it to you, keep the baby with you at least for today. Dhara says I can’t take this baby. Doctor says please listen to me. Dhara puts the baby there.

Baby cries a lot. The doctor and staff try to console the baby. Dhara leaves. Gautam comes home and says Dhara didn’t return till now. Suman says I think she is in some trouble. Dhara takes the baby. She consoles the baby. The baby sleeps. Abhi mujhmein kahin…plays… Dhara leaves. Gautam says we will go and find Dhara. Dhara comes home with the baby. Gautam asks her where was she. The baby cries. They get shocked seeing the baby with Dhara.

Suman asks what’s this, whose baby did you get home again. Shiva asks what’s this new drama. Suman asks why do you do this. She asks Gautam to take the baby and return. Gautam asks whose baby did you get, give the baby to me. Dhara shouts on him.

She says sorry, I m not scolding you, let me speak, I didn’t steal anyone’s baby, I have saved the baby and the lady. Suman asks where is his mum. She goes out to see. She says tell me, what did you do.

Dhara says I was returning from the temple, it started raining, I stood under a tree, I saw a lady and the baby, a jeep was coming, I saved them, I admitted the lady in the hospital, doctor asked me to take baby home, there is no facility for the babies, doctor gave me a letter, trust me. Suman says give me the baby, go and change your clothes.

Rishita says Dhara got someone’s baby again, if she gets attached with the baby, then another drama, God please save us. Dhara hears her and gets sad. She goes to her room. Krish looks on. Rishita says I didn’t say anything wrong. Gautam goes. Suman asks Rishita to keep mouth shut. She asks Raavi to give a bath to the baby. Raavi asks Shiva to help her. Shiva says its not my side job, I m not an expert. Suman says you have to learn it one day.

Dhara sees a shirt. He recalls Dhara gifting him the shirt. Their old moment is seen in flashback. Kesariya….plays… Gautam comes and sees Dhara cutting that shirt. He stops her and says its my fav shirt, you were going to cut it. She says you don’t wear this now, our Chiku will wear this, our baby.

He says he isn’t our baby. She says I know he isn’t our baby, don’t link the old things, we will handle the baby till his mum gets fine, this shirt is a soft material, market is shut, how will I get a soft cloth for the baby, I promise I will get a new shirt for you. He thinks to do something.


Pandya Store 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhara says baby will become Nand Gopal. Suman says you won’t become Yashoda, you handle my kids, Rishita and Raavi will handle this baby.


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