Pandya Store 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 27th May 2021 Episode starts with Anita asking Suman not to stay sad. She says I know the reason for your sorrow, I don’t think Dhara has lied. Suman says yes, if she lies, then I will punish her. Anita asks what will you do, will you oust her. Suman says she is my bahu, don’t get into this. Anita thinks now I will show you Dhara’s mistakes and you will oust her. She says sorry, I worry for you.

Shiva tosses a coin. She says if its head, then Dhara will be convinced, if its tail, then I will convince Dhara, the coin goes under the bed. Shiva checks and says its tail, how will I convince her. Raavi comes and stumbles. She asks what are you doing under the bed. He says playing cricket. She says I was finding you. He asks why, to fight. She says yes, stupid, did I do good to take Krish. Shiva asks since when are you liking to talk to me. She asks who shall I ask, I will ask Rishita and Dhara. He asks her to go. She says I will ask mum. He stops her and says sit here. She asks why, will you say. He says yes, matter was handled. She says thank God, I can’t handle things every time, mum will know it. He says I will convince Dhara. She says I hope she agrees, I m so tensed. Shiva says I wasn’t so tensed at the time of marrying you. Dhara asks Raavi to get Shiva downstairs, mum is calling. They think what happened now. Shiva argues and says get habitual to me, treat this dust allergy. She cleans his face. She gets away and goes from the room. Shiva leaves.

Prafulla says Anita, we will go to Suman, we will see what nek Gautam got. Anita says no, we won’t go, Suman told so. Prafulla laughs. Anita says Suman will become my Sasumaa, she asked me to keep you away from her house matters, so I decided this. She shuts the door. She says once I become bahu of this house, I will get your entry easily. Prafulla imagines Suman standing on her feet. Suman says you were proud of your two daughters, one became my bahu and other one came on my side, you lost both of them. Anita asks what happened. Prafulla worries. Anita says we will rule here, come, we will play cards. Prafulla says shut up, you are a fool. She goes. Anita follows. Gautam gets the gifts. Suman says we will do the shagun rasam. She gives shagun to the newly weds Shiva and Raavi, and blesses. Raavi opens the box. A gold chain falls. Shiva catches it. He gives it to her. Rishita looks on. Krish says wow, what a catch, Raavi is training. Suman says you both handle each other, then your relation will be good. Rishita goes to Suman.

Suman says give this to other bahu. Gautam gives the shagun to Rishita. Rishita goes to Dev. She checks the box. She sees gold chain and smiles. Suman says rasam got fulfilled now. She asks Dhara does she have to say anything now. Rishita checks the bills of both the chains. Dhara says nothing. Rishita says I have to say, you kept this shagun to make fun of me, Raavi got the gift first, you didn’t give me the gift by your hand, Gautam got the chain for me, its 2 gram less. Gautam thinks I didn’t notice the change between both the chains. Rishita says all the things got clear in my mind by this nek. Raavi says you can take my chain, it doesn’t matter to me. Rishita says no, I have no problem with this chain, it doesn’t matter, I have a problem with the discrimination, I m nothing, Raavi is everything. She says you say about united family, its nothing like that, they didn’t accept me, they always insult me, they all just act, I will tell you the truth. Everyone worries. Suman shouts shut up, not a word more.

She asks will you tell me about my family, you are crying for 2 gram gold, I m breathing, its a proof that my entire family is united, Dhara is here, ask her, she got married, I didn’t give her any nek, nothing, she didn’t say anything till now, you are crying for 2 gram gold, I heard your dad is rich, I don’t think so, he looks poor. She asks Gautam how much does 2 gram gold cost. Gautam says 9000rs. Suman asks him for it. Gautam gives the money. Suman asks Rishita to take it. She says take it now, both bahus got equal now. Rishita turns away. Suman throws the money on her. Everyone gets shocked. Suman says Dhara and Gautam would have not thought of it, they gave me the boxes, you got it according to your fate, you didn’t think why your Saas isn’t accepting you, you think of 2 grams, how can you think so, you left your parents, you cheated them, you weren’t loyal to them, what will you be loyal to us. She scolds Rishita. She says don’t try to break my family. Rishita says trying to break will be for that family which…. Dev asks her not to say a word more. He takes Rishita with him. Suman signs Dhara.

Dev asks have you lost your mind, were you going to tell the truth to mum for 2 gram gold. Rishita says I was telling the truth, what wrong did I say. He takes her to room. Prafulla and Anita look on. Prafulla says I will find out what’s going on here, you go there and find out, stop, let me think. She gets a candle. She says take this to Suman, tell her that she will need this when power goes off. Anita says its a bad idea, she will get upset, let it be, we will hear the talks here. They go to Dev’s room. Dev asks did you go mad, you wanted to create a drama. Prafulla says I can’t hear anything. Rishita says I was going to tell the truth. He asks what truth. Prafulla asks which truth. Dev says I made you swear, we can’ go against Dhara, enough now, we won’t talk now. Prafulla thinks to find out the truth.


Pandya Store 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gautam says tell me, how will you handle the matter if mum knows this, I don’t think you love me anymore. Dhara cries. Suman comes and says I told you, this time you will be punished, get out of my house.


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