Pandya Store 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 27th September 2022  Episode starts with Krish coming to Raavi. He sees the guy. Shweta likes a dress. Dhara asks didn’t you like it. Shweta says I like it, but its expensive. Dhara says you will look like a fairy, we will buy this. Shweta says its okay. Dhara says you like it, we will take this.

Krish asks Raavi why is she crying. He beats the man. The guy says she got after me, check her account, what pics she has put. Krish shouts on him. The guy’s mum scolds Raavi. Krish asks her to give good values to her son. The shop owner asks Krish and Raavi to get out. Krish throws his sherwani.

He takes Raavi with him. Dhara says I will call a rickshaw for you. Shweta asks what happened. Dhara says my chain got stolen, it was worth 100rs, it was fake gold, a man collided with me when I was entering this shop, he looked decent. Shweta worries. Dhara asks what’s happening. Shweta says nothing.

Rishita comes to meet Shweta’s parents. She asks about Shweta’s friends. Shweta comes and asks what are you doing here. Her dad says Rishita has come to ask for your friends’ list. Shweta says she could have asked me, she is doubting me. She cries and asks what’s your problem.

She says I will call Suman and talk to her. Dhara shows the clothes to Suman. Suman likes it. She gets Shweta’s call. Shweta says Rishita came here and asking my parents for my friends’ list, she doubts me, she doesn’t want my marriage to happen, we will call off the marriage, talk to her. Rishita asks her to stop it. Shweta does a drama. Suman says give phone to Rishita.

Suman asks Rishita why did you go to get her friends’ list. She says its my son’s marriage, just come, enjoy and attend the marriage. Rishita says okay. Shweta lies and says I don’t know anyone named Forum, stop doubting me. Rishita leaves.

Shweta’s mum asks why did you lie, Forum is your friend, why is she doubting you, tell me. Shweta says nothing, I had a doubt with Forum, she settled in Dubai, forget it, I want 4 lakhs. Her dad asks why. Shweta says I have to do shopping, I can’t depend on Dhara. Her mum says you won’t get more money than 1.5 lakhs, your dad won’t be there always. Shweta worries. She thinks I will plan something,

I hope Rishita doesn’t do anything for some time. Rishita thinks I doubt her more, seeing her panicking. Krish and Raavi come home. He says don’t worry, it wasn’t your mistake. She says no one should know this matter, especially Shiva. Shiva comes and looks on. He asks what matter, tell me, what happened.

Raavi signs no. Shiva asks Krish to say what happened. Krish says we went to a shop. He tells everything. Shiva gets angry. Raavi cries. Shiva consoles her. He asks her to come, they will go back to the shop. She says no, I knew it, you will be worried. He asks how will you live with this insult. She says its enough,

I don’t need your strength, just Arnav can help me now, don’t do anything. She goes. Shiva scolds Krish and goes. Dhara says you know Rishita, she is stubborn, she will find out the truth if she doubts something. Rishita comes and argues with her. Dhara says Suman didn’t mean that. Shweta comes home.

Rishita says you don’t trust me, you are fighting with me for Shweta. She goes. Raavi goes to Arnav. She cries and hugs him. He asks are you okay. She says you don’t know what happened with me today. He asks her to sit and tell him. She tells everything. He says sorry to know this, we will find that hacker.

She asks really. He says yes. Suman says I just told her. Shweta says I m not feeling good. Dhara says don’t feel guilty, just enjoy the marriage, Rishita is clean hearted. Shweta thinks to find some solution before Rishita does something else.


Pandya Store 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Everyone does garba and enjoy. Krish says this engagement won’t happen, I have a surprise for Shweta. Shweta is shocked seeing her ex.


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