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Pandya Store 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 28th August 2021 Episode starts with Shiva apologizing to Dhara. He asks are the old chapters closed when a new chapter opens. Dhara says I don’t do this, I believe in keeping the shattered pieces gathered, you aren’t the old Shiva now, you used to value relations before, what happened to you, tell me something, I will take your side. He asks do you keep those relations where we have no happiness, Raavi wasn’t happy so… She says so you insulted her and ousted her from the house, how is she happy now, if she wasn’t happy, then you should have kept her happy, you should have talked to her and got to know what she wants from you, I can read Raavi’s eyes, she started liking you.

Shiva laughs. She asks why are you laughing. He says you are seeing me as Bhabhimaa, not as Raavi’s sight, if Raavi liked me, then she would have not signed the divorce papers. She says you gave her the papers, I know you both well, I have felt the string that you both had, you can’t keep it. He says thanks, you gave a chance to teach something. He hugs her. She goes.

Its morning, Dhara asks Rishita where are you going. Rishita says thanks, I m going for imp work. Gautam comes to help Dhara. Rishita collides with him. The tea falls on her. Rishita says I was in hurry, there is much work, we can’t do the work, it will be good if a maid comes. Dhara says idea isn’t bad, how can Rishita do the work alone. Rishita says I could have tried, but I want to do a job and become financially independent, I have to go for interview. Suman comes and asks do you want to work. Rishita says it was my dream to be independent, that guy came to ask 7000rs, I couldn’t give him, we should have money at time.

Suman says you want to go out when Dhara couldn’t work well. Dev says no, she wants to help us. Suman says you don’t want your wife to do the work, Rishita doesn’t know any work, she added garlic in the masala tea. Rishita says yes, but it will be good to keep a maid. Dhara says we can keep a maid, I will teach Rishita everything, don’t worry, we should let Rishita do a job, you allowed me to open the store. Rishita gives the tea to Suman and says please…. Gautam says you want to do a job, its a good thing, you want to become financially independent, then its better, but don’t do this to help us for money, sorry that you felt bad yesterday. Rishita says its okay. Suman asks where is Krish. Everyone eats the food. Gautam says he went to the college. Shiva asks for sandwich. Gautam also asks. Dhara says I will get more. Gautam gets a call. Doctor asks him to get Dhara to the hospital. He asks now, is there any problem. She asks him to come for talk. Dhara comes. Gautam says doctor called us.

Suman asks why did doctor call you, Dhara doesn’t listen and does work always. He says don’t worry, doctor wants to discuss reports. Suman asks them to go. She asks Rishita to make food and go, her interview isn’t imp than Dhara’s baby. Dhara says I will cook and go. Suman asks Dhara to go, Rishita will do the work and go. Gautam says let Rishita do for interview. Suman says she will go later. Gautam and Dhara leave. Rishita says my interview is in two hours. Suman takes her phone. She keeps an alarm. She asks Rishita to leave on time. She says its imp to manage house and then go for interview. Rishita sees Dev. Suman says I would have not permitted you to go. Rishita says I will get late. Suman says you didn’t start and lost so soon, come with me. Gautam and Dhara see Shiva going by walk. Gautam jokes. Dhara says we will give him lift.

Gautam doesn’t listen. Shiva says I will go by walk. Dhara argues with Gautam. She says I think you should buy a new bike for Shiva, buy a second hand bike. Gautam says you want me to buy a bike for him. Rishita starts cooking. She sees someone and shouts thief. Dev and Krish come to help her. She thanks them. Dev asks her to prepare for interview. Krish jokes. Rishita says I want to do a job. Suman comes and looks on. She says you got two assistants, even then work isn’t done. Dev worries and says no, we are finishing it. Suman asks Krish when did he come from college. Krish says Dev called me home. Dev says I didn’t call him. Suman says you both do, men don’t suit to be there in kitchen. Rishita gets worried seeing the cooker whistle blowing. She asks Dev to do something. Dev asks what shall I do. He tries.

Suman calls them donkeys and asks them to leave. She asks Rishita to stop. Dev and Krish go out of the kitchen. Dev signs Rishita. Suman thinks I know Dev and Gautam want you to do a job, but Dhara needs Rishita at this time, so Rishita won’t do a job now. Shiva gets dirt spilled on him. He scolds the auto driver. He sees Raavi inside the auto. Raavi gets down the auto. She threatens of calling police. Shiva goes away. He comes back to her and takes her phone. She asks him to apologize to the driver. He says I didn’t do any mistake. They argue. He asks her to call anyone she wants. She leaves. Gautam and Dhara meet the doctor.


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