Pandya Store 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 28th October 2021 Episode starts with Gautam and Dhara talking to the doctor. Dhara gets the injection. Doctor says you may go now. Gautam and Dhara leave. He asks her to walk slowly. She says I won’t participate in the competition if you don’t tell me anything. He says you go and ask the doctor.

Dhara says you would have fooled the doctor as well, as you fooled Anita. He says you aren’t understanding me. She says you don’t hide your mistake. He says our entire family got insulted in Ram leela, if we don’t participate in best couple competition, then people will make more news, I knew it, you will agree, you look good when you get ready. She says I didn’t agree. She goes.

He says Dhara will get happy if we win, its imp for her to stay happy. Disha gets ready. Suman calls Disha to get ready and come fast. Dhara hears this. She says Suman is thinking to get Disha and Shiva get entry in the competition, I will not let this happen. She goes to Rishita. Rishita asks which dress shall I wear.

Dhara says Suman is planning to make Shiva participate with Disha, Raavi is there with him, you have to support me. Rishita asks who will stop Disha. She gets an idea. She says Anita will help us, then Raavi will know Anita is right. She goes. Dhara smiles.

Anita gets ready and thinks of Gautam. Rishita comes and compliments her. She says I have a small work with you, do something that Disha doesn’t come in the competition. Anita thinks we have to do this to stay good in their eyes. Anita says I will do. Rishita thanks her and goes home. She asks Shiva to get ready for Raavi’s sake.

She says Raavi’s jealousy shows her love, just become like she wants, just once. Shiva says I don’t understand all this. Rishita says I know Raavi will give you more kisses than Disha, just get her back, listen to me, else its your loss. She goes. He says she always gives Gyaan.

Rishita, Dev and Krish get ready and have a talk. Shiva comes and asks Krish to talk less. Raavi comes. Dhara, Gautam and Suman come. Suman asks do you all want to go and ruin our family respect today also. Gautam says sorry, it won’t happen today. Suman says it shouldn’t happen, you have to win back the lost respect, I want the trophy home, else I won’t let you win. Krish says yes, I can come, I m single.

Raavi says don’t worry, we will get the trophy home. Suman says you won’t participate, Disha will participate. Dhara says Raavi is Shiva’s wife, she will always be his wife. Gautam says she is right. Suman says Disha will participate, matter ends. Dhara winks to Rishita. Rishita messages Anita and asks her to do her work. She signs Dhara. Krish says we are getting late, come. They all leave.

Anita sees Disha coming. She goes and drops the kheer on her. She says sorry, I didn’t see you, where are you going. Disha says competition. Anita says no one has come by now, come to my house and get freshen up. She takes Disha with her. Everyone comes in the competition. Krish does the anchoring. Suman waits for Disha. Dhara brings Raavi and says Disha is nowhere, now Raavi has to take part with Shiva, else he will disqualify, she is still his wife. Suman gets upset.

Raavi says ask Shiva to take Disha. Dhara says you got decked up, for whom, stop this drama now, come. Krish calls the couples on the stage. Gautam and Dhara come on the stage. Anita says I have imp work, you clean up and come. She smiles and shuts the door. Dev and Rishita on the stage. Everyone claps. Suman thinks Disha didn’t come till now. Disha calls out Anita and knocks the door. She says Anita did this intentionally, she is Raavi’s sister, why did I come here. Krish says welcome Shiva and Raavi. Shiva and Raavi come there. He gets away from her. Everyone worries.


Pandya Store 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Disha comes in the competition. Suman says Disha has come. Disha goes on the stage. Dhara looks on.


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