Pandya Store 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 29th April 2021 Episode starts with Shiva asking Raavi to use her mind. He scolds her. She angrily pours water on the bed. He sleeps on the ground. Dev plays a song and dances with Rishita. They romance. She says I forgot what’s peace, now I m feeling it. He says I know, at last we got married, I loved you and will always do. She asks can we go out tomorrow. He says we have to go for kuldevi puja. She says fine. He hugs her.

Its morning, Shiva and Raavi argue seeing each other. Dhara says you both look good together. Shiva goes. Gautam says its your right, sit back. Krish teases Shiva. Dhara smiles. Dhara asks Shiva to go and see his face, take bath and get ready for the puja. He says you have to sit with the most beautiful girl. He says lizard. Dhara pulls his ear. Shiva says fine, I will take a bath for the puja’s sake. Krish jokes. Shiva takes Krish along. Dhara laughs.

Rishita says Dev, we will go to the nearby market after puja. She asks Dev is he listening. Dev asks her to get ready for puja. Rishita selects dress for puja. He says its our first puja, I think this saree will suit you. She says no. He says fine. She says fine, give it to me. He says this saree will look better than that dress. She goes to get ready. Dhara says its Rishita and Raavi’s first rasoi. Gautam asks really, what sweets will they make. Dhara says you become a kid. He asks her to retire from kitchen. He says I love you Dhara. He rests in her lap. He says I could just give you responsibilities in this birth, I want to give you happiness in the next birth. She hugs him and asks who said I don’t like responsibilities, life gets relations and relations get responsibilities, I m happy, I will wish to get you in every birth, and also Suman and kids. He kisses her. Ishq ye…plays…

She says we are getting late for puja. He says you should take an off to spend time with me, think again, idea isn’t bad. Dhara goes to call Raavi. She asks why didn’t you apply sindoor. Raavi says I look better without sindoor also. Dhara asks her to get ready and come. Shiva comes and asks Raavi to get aside. She says I have to get ready. He says you are already done with makeup. She thinks how to say I have to apply sindoor. She asks him to go. He takes the sindoor and applies to her. He goes. She cries.

All the couples sit in the puja. Rishita holds Dev’s hand. Dhara looks at Shiva and Raavi. Shiva holds Raavi’s hand. Pandit asks the couples to repeat the promise after him. He makes them swear. Raavi says wrong, you say that you will leave your wife alone in problem and run away, how will you support me all life. Shiva leaves.


Pandya Store 30th April 2021 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiva and Krish talk of a scary incident. Rishita gets scared.


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