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Pandya Store 2nd July 2021 Episode starts with Gautam and Dev meeting the bike owner Ranvijay. Ranvijay says I have sold the bike to Suraj, I can give address of his shop. He gives it. Gautam gets a call. Kaka says some officer came here and put notice, our shop will get sealed, if we don’t do anything soon. Gautam asks him not to worry. Shiva races the car. Raavi asks him to drive slow. Shiva says we have to go and fix this matter. She asks him to look ahead. A dog comes in front of the car. He applies brakes. She falls on him. She asks him to drive slow. He asks her to wear seat belt. Gautam and Dev go to see Suraj. Raavi plays radio. Shiva stops it and say we are in big trouble. She asks him to have a deep breath and relax.

Dhara says I have come to tell you the truth. Suman asks what did you do. Dhara says Shiva started truck dealing to get money, someone framed him in illegal business. Suman says he can’t do this. Dhara says officers came here to catch him. Suman says make him run away. Dhara says I have sent him, I had no time, sorry, I know Shiva can’t do this, wrong won’t happen with him, we shall also leave now.

Gautam finds Suraj’s shop. Dev asks where will we get him. Gautam shows the truck. He says Rishita had shown this truck’s pic. Dev says yes, but number is different, something is wrong. Suraj comes and asks who are you, its my truck. Gautam asks what’s your name. Suraj asks why do you ask. Dev beats him and asks what’s your name. Gautam says I have a proof against you, Dev take him to police station. Suraj says my name is Suraj, I did this on Seth’s saying. Dev beats him and asks him to say. Suraj says Janardhan Seth.

Prafulla hears Dhara talking about Shiva. Prafulla thinks did Shiva do any big thing. Dhara asks her to come in. Prafulla asks what were you saying. Dhara says we are leaving for Somnath. Prafulla says I won’t come without Raavi. Rishita says she already left with Shiva. Prafulla and Anita ask why did Raavi go in a hurry. Krish says drama doesn’t end in our house. Dhara stops him. Prafulla thinks what happened now. Dhara asks Anita to pack her bag. Raavi sleeps on Shiva’s shoulder. They have a moment. He stops the car. She wakes up. They argue.

He asks her to stay away. He drives again. She signs she got a nature’s call. Shiva asks her to wait for some time. He stops near the trees and asks her to go. She says I was saying I m very hungry, take me to some dhaba. He asks is this sign for hunger. Dev says Janardhan is after our lives. Gautam says we have to fight this, there is one way to save Shiva and our shop, we need proof against Janardhan, else we will lose everything. Kaka calls Gautam and says some men came to ask for Shiva and put one more notice. Gautam asks him not to worry. He tells this to Dev. He says we will take Suraj to Somnath with us as a proof. Suraj says forgive me. Gautam hits him and asks him to come along. Dhara coughs. Rishita goes to get water.

Dhara asks Dev did you find out anything. Dev says yes, Janardhan is after this. Dev says we are going to Somnath. Krish says Shiva got trapped because of Rishita again. Dhara says Rishita shouldn’t know that her dad trapped Shiva, we won’t let Rishita suffer in this. Rishita comes and says you took my dad’s name again, he is my dad, why. Dhara says don’t react without thinking. Rishita says I know my dad, he didn’t trap Shiva, you all just blame him. Dhara says we have no enmity with him, if you are saying this, then we also want this, if he is involved, then he did wrong, he tried to shut our shop. Rishita gets angry and packs her bag. She says I m going from here, they all are strange. Shiva and Raavi argue. She finds the food spicy. She says I don’t like sweets. She drinks water. He goes to pay the bill. She takes the cold drink. He sees that and smiles. Inspector comes there and catch Shiva. He gets a call about Shiva Pandya’s case. Shiva and Raavi worry.


Pandya Store 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiva and Raavi try to leave in the car. Inspector stops him.


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