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Pandya Store 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 30th April 2021 Episode starts with Rishita asking Dev to repeat pandit’s words, no need to go Dev, Shiva and Raavi will sort out their problem. Dhara says Rishita is right, we have come here to take blessings from Kuldevta, right Raavi. Raavi goes to Shiva. She argues. He asks her to go. She says I came to take you for puja, we can’t insult Kuldevta by our fight. Shiva and Raavi come back. The couples take the vows of always being together. They take pandit’s blessings. Gautam says puja got complete, its time for firs rasoi, bahus will make food for everyone. Dhara asks Shiva and Raavi not to fight. Dev goes to see Rishita.

Rishita says I have made an entire plan, we will go for jungle safari and have pizza on return. Dev says we have to go haveli for first rasoi rasam. She says I can’t spend time with my Dev. Dhara asks Rishita to come. Rishita says Dev and I had another plan, fine I will make food for Dev and myself. Dhara asks what are you saying, you are Laxmi and Annapurna also. Rishita gets an idea and goes to order few items. Dhara asks Raavi did she distribute the prasad in poor. Raavi says yes. Dhara says we will start cooking once we get the wood. Shiva helps Raavi. Dhara looks on. Raavi gets scared by the fire and holds him. They start arguing.

Gautam comes and asks for Dev and Rishita. Dhara says they would be coming. She asks Shiva to go. She asks Raavi to knead the flour. Raavi says food is almost ready, Rishita didn’t come yet. Dhara thinks how to tell them that Rishita isn’t going to cook for everyone. Raavi asks where is Rishita, she didn’t come yet. Dhara says she will come, you make food. Rishita makes pizza for Dev. Dev says we have to dine with everyone. She asks what will happen if we have food separately, we just got married, we should spend quality time. Dev says we will have pizza with everyone. She says I have made it for ourselves, not them, why shall I cook for them, they can make it themselves, am I their maid to cook for them. She gets upset.

He says Dhara is cooking food for us since 10 years, is she maid. She says she is cooking by her wish, no one forced her. Raavi gets the food and serves to everyone. Krish likes the food. Dhara says I will give 11 on 10, come and have it Shiva. Raavi asks Shiva to have it. Gautam says Dev and Rishita didn’t come. Dhara thinks. Gautam says everyone is hungry, when will they come. Dhara says they will come, have food. Gautam says they will feel bad if we have food without them. Krish goes to call them. Dhara thinks what will happen now.

Rishita argues with Dev. She asks does my love and hardwork not have any value. Dev asks her to understand. She asks him to understand her feelings. She insists. She feeds him the pizza. They smile. Krish comes in. They get away. The pizza falls down. She scolds Krish. Dev coughs. Rishita asks Dev to go away from him, will they always get shy. Dev asks her not to scold Krish. Krish says its okay, have pizza, sorry to disturb you. He goes.

Dhara sees Krish. Gautam asks where are Dev and Rishita. Krish says Dev is sleeping, he isn’t well, he won’t come. Rishita comes and asks why are you lying Krish, Dev already had food, so he won’t come, it was my first rasoi, so I had made pizza for Dev, I wanted it to have it with him, we had it, you all also have food, relax. Gautam turns the plate upside down. Rishita says you are seeing me like I did a big mistake, what’s wrong, we all have food in our rooms, Dev won’t come. Dev comes there and hears this. He asks Dhara to serve him food, he is very hungry. Rishita gets angry.


Pandya Store 3rd May 2021 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gautam feeds the food to everyone. Rishita says I can’t eat food like this, ewww. Shiva scares Rishita by a ghost story.


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