Pandya Store 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 30th October 2021  Episode starts with Krish saying the girls have to get blindfold and find their husbands. Hardik guides Dhara. Tu nazam….plays…. Rishita holds Dev. Suman smiles. Prafulla calls Nishant and asks him to come on time. Shiva sees Raavi and Disha looking for him. Dhara finds Gautam. Disha and Raavi find Shiva. Raavi gets sad seeing Disha. She goes.

Rishita asks Shiva to just do as she says, then see Raavi will come to him herself. Disha says Shiva, I know you really well. Rishita signs no to him. Krish says we will start the third round, Joru ka ghulaam, what can you do for your life partner, what limits can you break for her. Shiva goes. Krish says we will start with Gautam and Dhara. Suman says Gautam, win. Dhara says say I love you to me in front of everyone.

Gautam says Suman and entire Somnath are here, I will tell I love you at home. She says I knew it, you can’t do it. He says I can do whatever you wish. She thinks what did I do, will he really say. Gautam says I m going to do which I didn’t do ever. Suman asks what. Gautam says I m really my wife’s puppet. Everyone smiles. He says Dhara was asking me to confess love to her, I love you Dhara.

Ishq ye hai re….plays… Dhara smiles. Anita looks on. Everyone smiles. Suman says he is shameless to say this in front of everyone. Gautam shouts Dhara, I love you. They all clap. Dhara laughs. Krish hugs him and says its fun. The man praises Gautam. Rishita says wow, this is so cute. Hardik claps for Gautam. Anita steps on his foot and says sorry, by mistake. Prafulla thinks why didn’t he come till now.

Gautam says I have told it in front of everyone, just keep smiling, just you will be there in my life, I love you. Dhara hugs him. They see Suman turning angry. Shiva hears Prafulla talking on call. He thinks for whom is Raavi waiting, I have to do something. He goes. He stops the car. He asks the guy to get down the car. Nishant says I have some work here, go away. Shiva says leave from here, Raavi is already married. Nishant says she is getting divorced. Shiva says divorce didn’t happen till now, just leave. Nishant says I came here from London just to get married.

Shiva says just get away, you don’t know Raavi’s husband, he will not leave you. He takes the car keys and asks him to just go away. Nishant asks who are you to scare me. Shiva says Raavi’s husband Shiva. Nishant runs away. Krish says Gautam has confessed love to Dhara, we shall see what Dev thought to do for Rishita. Dev says Rishita always complains to me that I never take her anywhere, I promise that I will take Rishita on our long due honeymoon, I booked Goa tickets as well. Rishita gets happy. She hugs him. Gautam asks did you give him money for Goa tickets. Dhara says no.

Suman gets angry. Krish jokes on Dev. He says now we will come to Shiva, Disha has entered Shiva’s life, and Raavi is his childhood friend. He looks for Shiva. They see Shiva gone. Gautam gets a call. He goes. Dhara thinks he went again, who is calling him. He asks doctor is everything fine. Doctor says no, I just wanted to say, if Dhara has any problem. He says no. She says I was just asking, Dhara should be happy, take care.

He turns and sees Dhara. She asks what were you talking to that girl. She scolds him. He says I was speaking to the doctor, she called to know about the injection effect. She says how can this happen, I m not mad. He asks her to check his phone. She checks and calls the doctor. He says don’t involve the doctor. She says she didn’t answer the call. He asks don’t you trust me. The man says Shiva is missing, go and see. Everyone waits for Shiva. Krish calls him on the stage. Raavi thinks did Shiva run away.


Pandya Store 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Everyone waits for Shiva. Dhara, Dev and Gautam praise Shiva. Shiva makes an entry looking dashing in a suit.


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