Pandya Store 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 31st December 2021 Episode starts with Janardhan signing the papers. He asks them to leave. Shiva says we have forgiven him, you also forgive him. Kamini sees the pics and gets shocked. Dev asks Rishita to come home.

Dhara hugs Rishita and says I love you as much as I love everyone, it was your dad and Bua’s mistake, you know this, you decide it now. They all leave. Kamini slaps Janardhan. She scolds him. Kalyani also checks the pics. He says it was my past, now I have no relation with it, I have always stood by my family after marrying Kalyani, I love my daughters, I didn’t know Rishita will marry in such a house who will defame me. Kalyani cries and goes.

Suman and Raavi are waiting at home. Kalyani cries and says I m not your dad’s first choice. Rishita says don’t worry, he didn’t cheat me, it was his past. Kalyani says its not a good thing that his past came out in front of his daughter, your Sasural didn’t do right. He argues with Kamini.

He says Pandyas fooled us again. She says I still have a trump card, Dhara’s IVF, it will make the entire family cry. Rishita consoles Kalyani and hugs her. Kalyani thinks Janardhan always sent money to someone, I didn’t know who is she. She cries. Dhara, Gautam and everyone come home smiling.

Dhara says we will throw a big party now. Gautam says sure. Dhara says Raavi will be very happy hearing this. Shiva thinks. FB shows Raavi getting decoration items for the new years. Dhara says we will make the new years night memorable. Shiva thinks I will give you a surprise this time. They see Rishita and smile.

Dev hugs her. She asks him to get away. Krish jokes and laughs. Krish comes home and plays the dhol. Suman asks did you all get drunk. Raavi asks did you win a battle. Krish says yes. Shiva says you dance on dhol, there is a good news, we have got the land papers back from Janardhan. Everyone smiles. Suman gets happy.

Shiva says we will work on our terms, we will pay the instalments. Dev says so I went there to get the papers. Dhara says we will have a party. Raavi says its not a big deal if you didn’t tell Suman and me about it. Dhara says all is well that ends well.

Shiva thinks I will tell you I love you in this party. Suman asks Dhara why didn’t you tell me. Rishita goes to her room angrily. Raavi also goes. Suman says I was so tensed, but now everything is fine, we will have a party. Shiva thinks I will do preparations for Raavi.

He goes to the florist and asks him to make a rose bouquet. Dev says tell about red roses and heart shaped bouquet. Shiva says yes. Shiva thinks of Raavi. He smiles and says I love you, Raavi. He rehearses. Dev says I can help you, I had a love marriage. Shiva says no need, I will handle it. He goes out of the house. He sees a pole and rehearses the love proposal again. The man asks what happened, did your wife leave you. Shiva scolds him.

Anita comes there and sees Shiva talking to the pole. He thinks what is Raavi doing here. Anita says he is preparing to propose Raavi, it will spoil everything, what shall I do. She calls Kamini and says Shiva is going to propose Raavi, I will lose this way, help me. Kamini says they can’t unite, Pandyas should blindly believe you, you take Raavi out for shopping. Anita says I will take her, why not.

She ends the call and smiles. Raavi gets sad and says Dhara and her Devars make plans, am I not a part of this family. Rishita says no, they always insult me, this family is a big drama company. Raavi says Dhara is the drama queen, Shiva doesn’t love me, I m dumb to think that I will marry in this house. Rishita says my dream also broke, Dev has to pay a price for this. Raavi says Dhara has seen my love, now she will see my anger.


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