Pandya Store 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 3rd June 2021 Episode starts with Suman scolding Rishita. Gautam says Rishita has to attend the puja. He asks Rishita to get ready and also get the jal for the puja. Suman asks Rishita to wear proper clothes for the puja. Rishita goes. Dhara thinks I have made the prasad myself, I will make Raavi put the tulsi leaves. Raavi comes and sees Dhara making the prasad herself. She says you didn’t call us for help, you didn’t respect Suman, she wanted all bahus to make prasad together. Dhara says its not like that, we have less time, so I have made it, you prepare halwa for the prasad. Raavi argues. Dhara asks her to add the tulsi. Raavi says sorry, I won’t, Shiva accepted your decision, I also have to accept it.

Rishita recalls Suman’s words. Dev comes and asks her to get ready for puja. Rishita says to hell with you and your family, I won’t go for the puja, Suman doesn’t respect me as her bahu, I m not mad to get insulted, she asked Dhara and Raavi to make the prasad. Raavi says its better that all the bahus make their prasad on own, you won’t melt your heart even if we get insulted, you aren’t the Dhara I knew since childhood. Gautam looks on. Raavi says I never felt mum’s love, I just have Maasi, she loves me a lot, I had seen you loving the kids, you were my heroine, I feel much upset because of this. Dhara sees Gautam there.

Dev says Suman is elder, she has a right to scold us. Rishita asks why is Suman angry on me, like I married you, you didn’t do anything, she hates me, her behavior is wrong. Dev says your thinking is also wrong, you know how we got married, Suman just scolds you, what did your dad do, he slapped Dhara and insulted her esteem, he got Shiva and Raavi kidnapped. She says he didn’t do. He says your family did wrong, but my family didn’t blame you, they all love you, even if mum gets upset and tells something, you shouldn’t react, Suman used to hate Dhara, but Dhara won her heart, you also keep patience. Rishita says you always say about Dhara, I just hate it. Dhara gets hurt. Raavi asks what happened to you. Dhara says nothing, some sprain, you won’t put tulsi in my prasad, let it be, I will do it myself. Dhara acts. Raavi adds the tulsi.

Raavi says you left us, we didn’t leave you. Prafulla comes and looks on. Raavi says you are still my Dhara di. Prafulla says something is happening between them. Dev says you aren’t anything compared to Dhara. Rishita says yes, that’s why she divided the house, she does a drama, I can see it. Dev shouts shut up, not a word more against her. Dhara thinks to make Rishita complete the ritual. Dev says you can’t understand Dhara, she didn’t divide us, she tried to keep us together, you can’t understand this, she makes food for us, you can’t even cook food for us, Suman trusts Dhara, just Dhara can handle this house, don’t doubt her intentions again. He goes. Suman gives the silver coins. She asks Gautam to go. Anita collides with Gautam and falls in his arms. Dhara comes there and sees them. Anita says I was going in a rush. Dhara asks why are you stressed. Anita says I wasn’t careful. Dhara says I gave clothes to Suman. Suman asks Gautam and Dhara to go. They leave. Anita goes to Suman. Prafulla says you don’t waste your life in chakla belen. Raavi says don’t become a vamp, I m happy you came to meet me, you are a guest in my Sasural, you don’t spy around.

Gautam asks Shiva to get ready, and also get the jal/water for puja. He says mum gave these silver coins for brahmins. Dhara says mum didn’t know it when I tried, I will tell her everything after puja. Gautam says fine, I m feeling restless, this should end soon. Shiva comes to the room. He sees Raavi changing. He argues with her. She asks him to go and let him get ready. He sees the kurta sent by Gautam. He goes to change. Suman gets ready. Anita asks can I also go to get the jal. Suman says fine, go. Anita thanks her. She thinks to pray to get Gautam. Rishita thinks shall I say it or not. She says I have to tell everything to mum. Suman asks where is everyone, they should take blessings before going to puja. Rishita says mum should know how good is Dhara.


Pandya Store 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishita tells the truth to Suman. She says Dhara had beaten them like animals, and then divided the kitchen, is it fair. Suman says I will see how to do with them.


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