Pandya Store 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 3rd September 2021 Episode starts with Anita making Suman sleep. She sees Rishita and stops her. She acts sweet and says you are like Raavi for me, I m worried for you. Rishita asks her to spare her. Anita acts and says Raavi isn’t there to handle work, you can’t handle it, tell me if you need any help, I will come anytime. Rishita thanks and hugs her. Anita smiles. Its morning, Dhara is with Suman. Suman says we won’t talk about yesterday, I want to forget it, you better add poison in the tea. Dhara says its good you want to forget the day, then you won’t be upset with me, I can tie your hair, right.

Krish meets Hardik on the way. Hardik asks what’s going on in your dream. Krish says life’s best period, you give me a party now. Hardik asks why. Krish says you are going to become Mama, Dhara is pregnant. Hardik asks what, thank God, why didn’t she give this good news to me. Krish says beat me, Suman asked me not to tell any outsider. Hardik asks am I any outsider. Shiva meets his friends. He asks why is Guddu looking like Devdas. The guy says Guddu got engaged, but the girl loves someone else. Shiva smiles. The guy says she had run away. They laugh. Guddu says she will understand my love some day. Shiva says he is lucky, my wife has also run away, she won’t come back now, forget it now. Raavi comes and sees him laughing. She says he never laughed when he was with me. Raavi falls down and calls out Shiva. Shiva asks who called me.

The guy says see Shiva’s wife got punished, she fell in the dirt. Shiva stops. His friends joke and laugh. He asks them to stop laughing, Raavi is their Bhabhi, divorce didn’t happen yet. Raavi leaves. Rishita comes to Dev. He ignores her. She says I made a big mistake, how much shall I say sorry. He says I won’t let you do the job. She says I married you, you can’t decide for my life, its my right. He says this house is also your priority, its imp to share Dhara’s responsibility now. Hardik comes with a broomstick. Dhara asks why did you get this. He says I was upset, but I forgot everything seeing your face, you didn’t give me the good news, I was very angry, bless you. She cries and hugs him. She says sorry, we were going you about this.

Gautam comes and asks how are you. Hardik says stop, you are gone. Gautam says I told them to tell you. Hardik beats him with the broomstick. Gautam says I m your Jija, what are you doing. Dhara smiles. Suman comes. Gautam says Hardik was joking. She asks will you take his side. Hardik says I was beating my friend, not your son. Suman says you should have beaten your sister, but I don’t want to hurt my grandchild, how did you know, did Dhara say. Dhara says no. Suman asks did you meet Krish. Hardik says yes, he told me. Dhara says he can’t hide anything. Suman asks what did you get for Dhara. Hardik says I got your fav sweets, 5 kg. Gautam asks is everything fine. Raavi comes. Shiva pours water on her. They argue. He asks her to clean the dirt.

Gautam says Dhara is not well, even then she wants to do the work, I m taking her to the shop. Suman asks for her medicines. They leave. Rishita is going to office. Suman says give me medicines. Rishita says tell Dhara. Suman says Dhara left. Dev, Rishita, Shiva and Krish also leave. Suman shouts. Prafulla laughs and comes there. She taunts Suman. She says you will be alone, helpless, who will listen to you, tell me, will Dhara see her family or you, Rishita is doing a job now, her dad is rich, he may give his business, you will get kicked out of here, better you leave the house yourself.


Pandya Store 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishita apologizes to Suman. Suman says I won’t let you forget. She says Dhara got a chance to get rid of responsibility, just my decision will be followed from now.


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