Pandya Store 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 4th June 2021 Episode starts with Raavi and Shiva seeing each other. She says girls need time to get ready. He asks her to come. Rishita goes to see Suman in her room. Dev gets ready and looks for Rishita. He worries and leaves. Krish and Anita take Suman. Rishita stops Suman. Dev asks did you see Rishita. Shiva says no, but what happened. Dev goes. Shiva says I didn’t see him so worried before.

Rishita says I want to talk to you. Suman says I don’t want to hear anything. Rishita says this entire family praises Dhara, you will like to know what she is doing, I will tell her truth today. Gautam and Dhara are in the puja. Krish thinks why is Rishita telling this to mum, it will be a big thing. Rishita stops Suman and says listen to me. Dev comes there running. Suman asks did you get drunk. Dev asks Rishita is she done with the nonsense. Rishita says leave my hand, I didn’t finish yet. Dev takes her. Suman stops Dev.

She says let her complete, I want to see what she tells. Rishita goes to Suman. Dev says Rishita, you will regret later. Suman beats him with the slipper. She asks are you threatening her, will you scold your wife, what will you do with her. She says don’t dare to threaten anyone, you will regret first. Krish says its wrong Dev, you shouldn’t talk to Rishita like this again, we are getting late, we are going. Suman says stop. She asks Rishita to say. Rishita says you kept Dhara as our Saas, she does partiality with me, she just favors Raavi. Suman says if she is taking her side, then it will be right, she knows right and wrong, you do something that she takes your side. Rishita says no, she keeps scolding us, we have grown up, we can live our lives our way. Suman says she is my assistant, she is doing right. Krish says we shall go now, we are getting late. Rishita says shut up, I didn’t say it. She says mum, you have trained Dhara, it doesn’t mean that I get insulted, I get punished. Suman asks what do you mean. Dev says think and say. Suman asks him to stand silently or go, let me know what problem she has.

Rishita says since I came here, I didn’t get time to spend with my husband, I had made pizza on first rasoi say, I got insulted. She tells everything to Suman. She says Shiva and Krish did the limit, they scared me as a ghost for many days. Suman and Anita get shocked. Shiva and Raavi come to see Suman in her room. Shiva says we got late. Rishita tells Suman about Krish. Anita smiles. Shiva and Raavi come there and look on. Rishita says my voice went because of the fear, Dhara got to know this and beaten them up like animals, she did right. Suman asks did Dhara beat my sons with a stick. Raavi thinks what’s Rishita saying, Suman will never forget Dhara now. Rishita says Shiva and Krish got punished, but what did others do, Dahra separated the kitchen on their mistake, is it fair. Shiva, Dev and Krish worry.

Suman asks did Dhara separate the kitchen. Dhara thinks to tell entire truth to Suman after the puja. Gautam and Dhara wait for everyone. A dupatta falls over their face. She says you are upset with me. He says I m not getting angry because I dislike your adamancy, I m angry because I m scared of losing you, if you get away, then I will die. She stops him. Rishita says Dhara told that if we tell this truth to you, then she will leave all of us and Gautam also. Anita thinks Dhara made my work easy. Suman says Dhara told about leaving Gautam. Rishita says if you don’t trust me, then ask Raavi. Suman asks is she telling the truth. Raavi gets silent. Rishita says even the bhog prasad is made separately today, Dhara made the prasad in the morning, then Raavi made her halwa, Gautam told me to make prasad, I don’t know so I said I will order sweets for the chadava, your word wasn’t kept on puja day also. Suman says I knew something is wrong, but such a big cheat with me. Rishita asks why did you get quiet, you always taunt me, do you see Dhara’s truth now, tell me.


Pandya Store 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Suman says whatever happened here, no one will tell Gautam and Dhara, I will decide on them, its time for the decision. She goes for the puja. She stops Dhara.


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