Pandya Store 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 4th September 2021 Episode starts with Suman waking up from a dream. She says I have given freedom to everyone, I have to show them what’s a Saas. Its morning, Dhara does the aarti. She tells about Janmashtami. Krish says there will be singing and dancing also. She says mum named you right, Krish, your kiddishness will never go. He says never, it would be good if Raavi was here, we used to have so much fun, I miss her. Dhara says I also miss her, you don’t get sad. Suman comes and blesses. Dhara says all the preparations are done. Suman asks what did you make, tell me. She names the dishes. Dhara says its all ready. Suman argues.

She says I will keep 11 dishes bhog today. Krish asks when did she become Maha Saas. Dhara says we keep 5 dishes every year. Suman says tell me, you don’t know to cook, I will cook it, my cooking is better. Dhara says I learnt everything from you, I thought to do same preparations. Suman says you want to decide always. Dhara says no, I will decide it, its my house, I m the Saas, everyone will listen to me, go now, I will make bhog. Dhara says I will go everything.

Dev decorates the shop. The men come to ask for money for Dahi handi. Dev says none can defeat Shiva, we will get the money back. The guy says time time, bike is the prize. Dev says wow, you have a good fate. Shiva says I will win this bike. The guys go to get money from Prafulla’s house. She gives some money and asks them to leave. Raavi says you don’t let girls participate in Dahi handi. The guy says girls can’t do this, they can get hurt. She says Krishna’s gang had many girls than boys, I can also break the dahi handi. The guy says Shiva is winning since 5 years. Raavi says because he didn’t compete with me. She asks Prafulla to give them money. Dhara cooks. She feels uneasy. Rishita says we can order food from outside. Dhara says puja is at home, we have to cook. Rishita says fine, but 11 dishes, Suman is punishing us. Dhara runs to puke. Rishita says I don’t think she can do anything, will I have to do all this work, Raavi left the house at a wrong time, Raavi can give me a solution. She calls Raavi. Prafulla says don’t answer, we aren’t related to that family now. Rishita calls again. Raavi answers. Rishita asks what did I do, how are you, I want to meet you. Raavi asks why, that day you were celebrating. Rishita says you are misunderstanding. Raavi says don’t call me again.

Dhara talks to her baby. Gautam comes and asks what are you talking, are you okay. Dhara says yes, I m fine, I was practicing to reply if anyone taunts me. Gautam says we will give them a reply, you get ready well, its our duty to look good in the puja. He shows the clothes for everyone. She likes her saree. He gets a dress for Raavi. She says I don’t think she will take any gift from us. He says its Janmashtami, she is also like our child, how could I not buy anything for her. She says you did right, I will try that she comes in the puja wearing this lahenga, we will get her back. He says don’t do any Leela this time, I don’t want anything to happen on dahi handi day, swear on me. She laughs and says don’t worry, nothing will happen, you got the dress for Raavi. He says I won’t tolerate if you get unwell. She says don’t worry, I will see Raavi, you handle Shiva. He says fine, I have to do it. She asks him to go. Rishita apologizes to Suman and asks can’t we forget everything. Suman says I forgive you, but you have insulted me by your carelessness, how will you forget it, I will not let you forget that. Dhara comes with the clothes. Suman scolds them. She says just Maha Saas will rule from today.


Pandya Store 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhara asks Raavi to see, Gautam has sent this lahenga for you. Raavi refuses. Dhara says if Raavi comes back home because of you, then everyone will be so happy, else I will also trouble you. Rishita gets shocked.


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