Pandya Store 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 5th January 2022  Episode starts with Shiva and Raavi arguing. She says I will talk to Dhara about Anita and Hardik’s marriage. He taunts her. He leaves. Gautam and Dhara meet the doctor. Doctor says congrats, you both are going to become parents soon. Dhara says we will go home and give this good news to everyone. At home, everyone dances on dhol. Raavi says congrats.

Dhara asks just congrats. Raavi argues with Dhara. She says I felt you will come home with everyone with the baby in your hands. Shiva gets angry. Raavi asks shall I dance now. Dhara says she has a right to get upset with one she loves. Rishita comes and taunts Dhara. She says anyways, congrats.

Dhara thanks her. Gautam asks them to sign the papers. He says we are opening bank accounts for you all. Shiva says I don’t need it. Dev and Krish also refuse. Dev says if you are saying this seeing Rishita’s behavior, you know she is such,

she will be fine in some days, don’t worry. Dhara says its fine, you got married now, you all have your own expenses right, so Gautam and I decided to put 50% profits for store and 50% for us, Gautam and I will run the house with our share. Rishita says thank God, you decided it, though late, we also need money.

Dev says we will also bear the house expenses. Rishita argues. Dev asks her to stop it. He asks what’s your problem, its our house, we will run it. She says I was concerned for our future. He says person earns for family, what’s your problem, this family is our future. She says this is the problem, I feel suffocated in this house. She goes. Dev takes a plate to throw. Gautam stops him.

He says she might get hurt, I would have not left you then, keep it, sign the papers. They all sign the papers. Raavi says I have to talk about Anita. Shiva shuts her mouth. Dhara says leave her. Shiva says nothing. He asks Raavi to shut up, don’t tell Anita wants to marry Hardik. Dhara asks what.

Raavi says I didn’t say anything. Dhara asks her to say. Raavi says Anita wants to marry Hardik, she likes him a lot. Dhara says you are saying truth, its good thing, Anita is my childhood friend. Krish jokes. Raavi smiles and says Anita is serious, she really wants to marry Hardik. Dhara says I will talk to Hardik, he will not refuse. Gautam says I told you, Hardik is thinking something. Raavi thanks Dhara. They hug. Shiva jokes.

Dhara says I trust Anita, don’t say much. Shiva goes. Dhara says finally, year’s start is good. She asks Raavi to get sweets. Gautam asks Krish to focus on studies. Dhara says everyone got a smile. Its morning, Dhara likes the tea. Raavi says you can refuse if you don’t like this alliance, its three days, you didn’t talk to him.

Dhara says I like Anita, I tried, he has gone to Ahmedabad for work, he said he will come back and talk. Gautam worries. Dhara asks did anything happen. He says our sales are affected, I m going to check, will you sit at the store today, Dev and Shiva aren’t there. Raavi says I will go to the shop. He asks Dhara to go after some time. Dhara asks him not to worry.

Prafulla doesn’t have anything in her kitchen. She gets an idea. Raavi sees the customers not coming. Kaka says customers aren’t coming since a long time. A lady comes and questions the quality of items. Kaka says we maintain the quality, you know it. The lady asks for discounts. Dhara cooks the food. Shiva says I m going to the shop. She says I m coming, Raavi is there. He worries.

Prafulla comes to Pandya store. She sees Raavi sitting at counter. She happily dances. She says the real owner is sitting here today. Raavi asks what do you want, tell me. Prafulla tells her. The lady asks for discounts. Prafulla says she is right, some stores have some schemes. Raavi says we have to a scheme, we will give discounts. Kaka asks what. Raavi says I will handle the business well. She changes the prices. She announces the store sale. Dhara and Shiva come. They worry seeing the price board.


Pandya Store 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiva says our dream is going to become true. Suman blesses Gautam and Dhara. Anita is also at the hospital. Kamini says burn the place and break Pandya’s hopes.


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