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Pandya Store 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 5th July 2021 Episode starts with Dhara and Suman coming home. Dhara looks for Rishita. Raavi says she didn’t come here. Krish asks someone for Rishita. The man says no one came here. Krish worries. Dhara says I had sent Krish with her. Suman asks where is Krish. Krish comes home. They ask about Rishita. Krish says she went somewhere after we reached Somnath, she said she wanted to go washroom and stopped the taxi, she messaged me that she has some work, she is fine, she will come later. Suman asks why did you send her alone. Dhara says I tried to get her along. Suman asks where is Shiva. Raavi says maybe he went to the shop. Suman says if Janardhan is really behind this, then I will burn his house. Raavi says Rishita’s dad.

Suman says find out where are Gautam and Shiva. Dhara calls Gautam and says Rishita went somewhere, she got to know that her dad is involved in trapping Shiva, she thought we are dragging her dad’s name, she fought with me and left, find about her. Gautam says fine, I got Suraj to police station. The men come in between to block Gautam. Suraj runs away. Shiva comes. Gautam says there was just one way to prove Shiva innocent, Suraj, he ran away. Shiva comes and asks what happened. Gautam says Suraj has run away. Shiva asks Gautam to sign the papers. Gautam asks what’s written on it. Shiva says it states that Pandya family has disowned me, I have no relation with family, this is the only way to save the shop, sign it. Gautam is shocked. Prafulla and Anita talk about Shiva. Prafulla says I will call the police and get Shiva arrested. Anita asks her to think of Raavi. She stops Prafulla. Gautam scolds Shiva and tears the papers. He says you are a part of us, get lost before I beat you. Shiva says sorry, I was trying to save the shop.

Gautam says I m alive, you don’t need to worry until I m here, go. Shiva hugs him. He goes. Gautam says maybe Rishita went home to talk to Janardhan, I need to talk to him directly. Anita says you don’t keep enmity with Shiva. Prafulla says my hatred won’t get less for him, I will get peace when he gets beaten up by police. She leaves. Shiva is at the shop. Kaka says you came here, go and hide somewhere, everyone is trying to save you. Shiva says no, I won’t run, Gautam didn’t sign the papers, I will bear the punishment, I will surrender to police and say that Pandya store and family won’t bear the punishment. Kaka asks him to just go. Shiva says I won’t go. Kaka says just Dhara can handle you. He calls Dhara at the shop. He says Shiva wants to make a sacrifice, he wants to surrender to police. Dhara says Maa, Shiva is saying he will surrender. Suman says get my stick, I will beat him.

Dhara says I will see him. Raavi asks will he get saved. Dhara says nothing will happen until we are together. Krish goes with her. Dhara and Krish come to the shop. She asks Shiva what’s this new drama. Shiva says I won’t let anything happen to Pandya store. Krish says police is coming, run away. Shiva says I won’t go. Dhara says you can go there and hide, I will talk to police. Shiva goes. Krish hits on his head. He faints down. Krish takes him away. Inspector asks for Shiva. Kaka says he didn’t come here. Inspector says we will find Shiva and your shop will be sealed. Suman asks Raavi to take her to the shop. Raavi says once Dhara answers call, we will go. Suman says my shop can get sealed, take me there. Prafulla comes to meet Raavi. She says you didn’t tell me before coming here.

Raavi says sorry, I had no time to inform. Prafulla asks where is Shiva, I heard police is finding him, I have seen the notice on the shop. Suman asks did you see the notice. Prafulla says yes. Raavi gets Dhara’s call. She says its good you caught him, you are at Hardik’s house, fine I will come. Prafulla hears this. Shiva sees Dhara and Krish. Krish says sorry to hit you. Dhara says idea was good. Krish says he will beat me. Dhara scolds Shiva. She says you have done a lot already, you were making a mistake today, we are with you, we will handle it, don’t you trust me. Raavi says I will take you there. She sees Suman gone. Prafulla says she was just here. Raavi goes out to see. Prafulla says Shiva is hiding at Hardik’s house.

Raavi says where did Suman go, I should have taken her. Shiva scolds Krish. He says I don’t want my family to pay a price for my mistake. Dhara says its about family, its about us, not you. She says you got married by believing my decision, why don’t you agree now. He says its about Pandya store, I m emotional about it. She says this is your problem, you get emotional, you won’t find Janardhan’s plan, I m hiding you, Gautam will get time and find proof, you want to save Pandya store, we want to save you and store. He says its my mistake, my family won’t get trapped, what would you do being in my place. She says I wish I was in your place, I can go to jail for your sake. Shiva says I can’t let this happen. She asks how can I send you to jail. Prafulla comes to Hardik’s house. She hears Shiva’s voice. She gets happy. She calls the police. Dhara hears the police siren. She worries.


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