Pandya Store 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 5th May 2021 Episode starts with Dhara saying we should keep Mrityunjay jaap for the family peace. Gautam says then we have to stay here for more 15 days. Dhara says I know, I will call Suman here, I can’t stay without her. Suman waits for the call. She says you didn’t get time to call me, you are busy romancing Gautam. Dhara says yes, he is busy to lecture the kids. Suman smiles. Dhara says I want your permission to keep Mrityunjay jaap. Suman says you want to be with your husband. Dhara says no, we miss you, we will come back if you say. Suman says its fine, I will come there. She talks to Gautam and ends call. Gautam says Krish should respect all the three Bhabhis. Dhara says he is sensible, he respects everyone, I will take care of everyone. He says I will take care of you. He hugs her.

Krish gets ready in a feminine avatar. He says Rishita, Kesar Chudail has come. He laughs. Rishita shuts the windows. She says I should have learnt hanuman chalisa. Dev comes and asks what happened. She says I heard that ghosts stay here, Shiva and Krish were talking. Dev recalls the childhood and smiles. He says they used to scare me in childhood. Prafulla comes to Anita. She teases about Hardik. Anita says its nothing like that, I need to talk, is it imp that I go there, no one talks to me. Prafulla says you talk to me, lets go away and see if anything happens, leave this to me, prepare for tomorrow, make food for the journey. Anita goes. Prafulla says Raavi, I m coming to save you from that devil. Raavi says I will sleep on the bed.

Shiva jokes seeing spices on her hair. She says I can never become like you, you were wearing a good shirt today. He sees Krish coming. Shiva asks her to come inside. He takes her to washroom and shows the haldi on her hair. They argue. Shiva goes and scolds Krish. He says Raavi is inside, go out. Dev says ghosts don’t exist. Rishita says yes, I m not scared. Dev says you are on safe side with me, look at that moon, its beautiful. She says yes. He says but not more beautiful than my moon. He hugs her. Gautam isn’t able to sleep. He sees Dhara sleeping. He wakes her up. She asks are you fine, what happened. Gautam says I m feeling hungry, the bonfire fancy snacks don’t suit me, I want something desi. She says but at this time… He says make anything. She says fine, come.

Raavi waits for Shiva. She says don’t know where will he sleep. Shiva comes. She acts sleeping. He takes a candle and goes. Raavi thinks where is he going at night. She follows him. Shiva gives the candle to Krish. Gautam praises Dhara’s cooking. She makes veg noodles. She feeds him and says you will ask for this again. He likes it. Shiva comes to kitchen and sees them. He says plan may spoil before starting. Dhara asks what happened. Shiva says I m feeling hungry. Gautam say you had enough already. Dhara asks him to have noodles. Shiva thinks I have to send them away, else we will get caught.

Gautam says Dhara made tasty noodles, have it. Shiva says you shouldn’t eat this at night, we can digest anything, problem happens in your age. Gautam asks why do you want to make me old, I will make you lose. Shiva says noodles are amazing. Dhara says Raavi had made the spices for it. He says its best. She asks Raavi or spices. He says both, I mean you had added magic in the spices. Shiva asks Gautam to go and sleep. Gautam asks what will you do, will you play ghost. Krish scares Rishita. She gets shocked. She says no, this doesn’t happen. Krish says Rishita…. She screams aloud.


Pandya Store 6th May 2021 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raavi runs and sees Krish. She asks why are you running like this, your forehead has bindi.


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