Pandya Store 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 5th November 2021 Episode starts with Hardik coming to see Dhara. Anita thinks why does he always come. She says don’t doubt Gautam now. Gautam comes and says you have to come in bhoomi pujan of our new store. He gives sweets to Hardik and Anita. He invites them. Dhara asks did you ask pandit to give good mahurat. Gautam says yes. He feeds her the sweets.

Anita says I will come in the bhoomi pujan. She goes. Hardik asks why did Anita come back. Gautam says he doesn’t like Anita and my talks, I told him not to get jealous. He asks Dhara to talk about Hardik and Anita’s alliance. Dhara asks shall I talk. Hardik says you both got mad, I m going. Gautam says come on time tomorrow. Hardik says sure. He goes. Gautam says sit here and talk to my Tara, tell her that her dad is so good. He goes to the shop. Krish comes to the canteen.

He asks for samosa and gives 10rs. The man says its for 12 rs. Krish says take 2 rs later. Kirti comes and asks for burger. Krish says how did she come. He greets her. She asks do you also like burgers here. Krish says yes. He smiles seeing her. Ishq wala love…plays… Gautam gives money to Dev and asks him to go to the shop site. He asks why are you upset. Dev says you and Rishita don’t let me talk, I don’t get a good feeling about the bank. Gautam says Rishita works there, we will know if there is a problem, she is smart, be happy that we are going to fulfill our dad’s dream. Dev smiles. He thinks this loan can become a hurdle for us.

Kirti asks how much for the burger. Krish says I will pay. She says I will give. He says no need, have the burger. She says how sweet. She goes. Krish smiles. The man looks at him and smiles. He asks for 1151rs. Krish asks what, how much for burger. The man says 100rs for one burger. Krish asks why so much money now. The man says they are ten people. Krish turns and sees Kirti and friends. He gives the money. He says I didn’t pay the electricity bill, I have to do something.

Shiva and Disha are working at the shop. He asks what are you doing. She says flour got on your shirt. He says I told you before, Raavi is my wife, our divorce didn’t happen, you come and meet Suman often, its not right. Disha says if you think, I will not meet you, then you are wrong, its not possible that I don’t meet you. Raavi looks on and gets jealous. Shiva asks will you force me. Disha says what force, you and Raavi aren’t together, I like you since the first time I saw you, I ended my feelings knowing you and Raavi got married, I came back because of this alliance request, you are divorcing Raavi, you both don’t want to keep this relation, its a hollow relation.

A neighbor lady comes. She talks to Dhara. She says Gautam is also wrong, just like my husband. Suman comes. Dhara says no, we have to control our husbands. The lady goes. Dhara sees Suman. Disha asks shall I wipe this flour now. She wipes the flour from his shirt. Raavi turns away. Rishita comes and asks what are you doing here. Raavi says I came to take the spices. Rishita sees Shiva with Disha.

Raavi goes. Rishita goes after her. Suman scolds Dhara. Suman asks are you not ashamed to speak bad about Gautam, he loves you a lot. Dhara says I felt he has an affair. Suman asks how did you think, you think he is characterless. Dhara says he is hiding something. Suman asks so will you doubt him, you don’t value him. Dhara says I kept my relation with sincerity, if I feel something. Suman says you have to apologize to Gautam. Dhara feels dizzy.

She says I don’t feel good. Suman says you got a good excuse of pregnancy. Dhara runs to her room. Rishita stops Raavi and says tell him if you love him. Raavi says I don’t love him. Rishita says how long will you lie, ask yourself why you feel jealous seeing them. Raavi says no way, I just want him to be my friend, I love everyone in this family. Rishita says don’t do this friendship drama, pity yourself, understand your feelings, you both can love each other, not have friendship.

Raavi says you go and advice Disha, Shiva gets uncomfortable, he needs a girl like me. Rishita says exactly, you are perfect for him, you use Disha’s approach to get friendly with him, learn from her, you always fight, Disha finds an excuse to stick to him, you also stick to him, ask Shiva to teach you bike riding, you both can spend time and know each other. She goes to get the detergent. Raavi smiles. Dhara calls the doctor. She asks for Dr. Vaishali. Dr. Pratibha says she is on leave, you can tell me the problem. Dhara says I m feeling weak. Doctor checks her file and says you will have this problem, your fetus….


Pandya Store 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gautam does the bhoomi pujan. Suman stops Raavi. She says Disha will go with Shiva.


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