Pandya Store 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 5th September 2022 Episode starts with Rishita leaving. Raavi says take her to a good doctor, she always feels bad. Dhara says don’t get angry, we need to understand her a bit. Raavi says I think she is jealous of my success. She goes. Shiva says she is angry, so she told such, I will talk to her, sorry.

Shweta hears music and dances in her room. Krish knocks the door. Shweta sits calm. He says sorry to disturb, I came to take my charger. She asks him to take it. He takes it. She asks what do you know apart from hearing music, I never saw you going to the shop.

He says I m going to college. She says I never saw you studying, what are you studying. He says B.Com. she says I m very good in accounts, you can tell me if you need help, my mood got better that day on the bike ride, close the door and go. He leaves.

Its morning, a man asks Dev to check the design once. Dev asks him to follow the same design. He feels sleepy. He gets a call. He leaves. Shweta says mom and dad don’t understand, they should leave Chiku here. She gets tired shopping the grocery. She says it’s a matter of few days, then back to normal life.

Rishita comes to the office. She asks why did you put this design, I rejected it. The man says we did what Dev told us. She says follow the design I chose. He says cost will get high. She says I don’t care, just do as I say. Shweta’s dress gets stuck in the auto. Krish comes to help. He says I will manage.

He says let me help. Kanta and her bahu see them. Her bahu says I think Shweta’s baby is of Krish, and they gave the baby to Dhara to hide it. Kanta says no, Suman would have broken his legs. Her bahu says Suman will get them married in some days. Shweta thanks Krish. She goes.

Dhara says Kanta’s Bahu has taken Suman for an outing today. Rishita comes home and shouts Dev. She scolds him for spoiling the work. Gautam asks her not to shout. She says you would have also shouted if you had seen his mistake. Dev says calm down, I followed the same design. She says no, you gave the rejected design, you couldn’t start your own business, you are spoiling the business when I m starting it.

Dhara says stop it, it’s the limit of misbehavior, how are you talking to Dev, do you think once before thinking, he didn’t start any other business, he wanted to fulfil his dad’s dreams, he is supporting your business, he is handling all the work, he handles the baby all night, what kind of support do you want. Rishita says you have come to defend, who asked you to talk between us, its our matter, just stay out of it.

Shweta smiles. Everyone looks on. Rishita says you think I m useless. Dhara says you are proving Dev useless, I have raised him and taught him to respect everyone, you are insulting him, you are getting insulted, we can’t accept that you insult him, you give respect to Dev then he will respect you else..

Rishita shouts else what, won’t he respect me, will he leave me, he doesn’t care for me. She cries. Shweta thinks its time to fuel the fire. She says you are misunderstanding, consider yourself lucky that Dhara is here. Dhara stops Swheta. Rishita argues. She says you think I m useless, no one needs me, I will end this drama today. She goes to her room and locks the door.

Everyone runs after her. Rishita ruins the room. Dev asks her not to take any wrong move. Rishita throws a vase. A window glass breaks. Dhara asks her not to do anything wrong. Rishita cries and recalls Dhara’s words. Shweta thinks she may do anything wrong, then I may go to mom and dad. Rishita tries to commit suicide. Dhara sees this from the window. She shouts to Gautam and runs.

She shouts Rishita. Everyone gets worried. They all rush to break the door. They see Rishita trying to hang herself. Dev hugs Rishita. He says you don’t love me. She says no one needs me, no one cares for me. He says we all care for you, you should have thought of our daughter once. Dhara hugs Rishita.

Rishita says sorry, I don’t understand why I m doing this. Dhara says its my mistake, I thought you are in depression, even then I scolded you, sorry. Rishita hugs her baby. Shweta says it seems like a big issue, I know a good counsellor, who can treat such issues.


Pandya Store 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shweta says when Rishita puts her hand in this oil, a new drama will happen. Rishita says we will put child monitoring system in the house. Shweta says I don’t want it in my room. Rishita thinks now Shweta’s truth will come out. Suman thinks its my house, I will decide. Shweta worries.


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