Pandya Store 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 6th July 2021  Episode starts with Raavi stopping Suman. Suman says I was going to the shop. Raavi asks is this your age to do stunt. Suman says I m your Saas, will you scold me. Raavi says I m worried for you, Shiva isn’t at the shop, I will take you to him. Rishita comes home and meets her family. She hugs Kalyani. Kamini Bua says Pandya family has turned her state bad, Rishita take rest, you were in haveli and came a long way, we didn’t leave you, we know everything. Rishita says I want to talk to dad. Kalyani says he is doing puja, get freshen up first. Dhara, Krish and Shiva hear the police siren. They get shocked. Dhara asks Krish to free Shiva fast. Prafulla shuts the door from outside. She hides.

Krish checks the door. He says I think someone has shut the door from outside. The police enters the house. Inspector sees Dhara and Krish. Dhara asks how did you come like this. Inspector asks what are you doing here, you are Shiva’s Bhabhi right. Dhara says this is my Maayka, I come here for cleaning, its my brother’s house, he stays alone, he went to city for imp work, you can call him. Police checks the place and leaves. Prafulla says I have to do something. Dhara and Krish bring Shiva out of the big water barrel. Shiva says I m fine. Prafulla sees Shiva. She says he tricked the police. She records. Raavi sees this and says Maasi… Prafulla worries. Gautam comes to Janardhan’s house and calls out Rishita. Kamini says talk to us. Gautam says I want to forget my family bahu. Kamini says she couldn’t adjust there, you forget her now. They argue.

She says you will lose your shop, respect and Shiva will go to jail. Raavi asks why were you shooting a video. Prafulla says no, I was looking inside by phone lights. Suman asks for phone. She checks and says wow Prafulla, you didn’t leave spying. She throws the phone. Prafulla says its my costly phone, why did you throw it. Suman says dog is loyal if fed once, you aren’t loyal when we fed you since a month, will you ruin your daughter’s house, will you send her husband to jail. Prafulla says no, forgive me. Suman scolds her. Shiva says we have to think of Pandya store now. Suman says fine, Raavi is with Shiva as my bahu, not your daughter, if you do this, then Raavi will go away from you.

Prafulla cries. Raavi asks her to leave. Gautam says you forgot what me and my brothers did last time, they had beaten your brother, we got you slapped by your maid, even then you didn’t get sense, you have trapped Shiva. Kamini says yes, we have trapped Shiva in this mess, what will you do, we did everything, your innocent brother got trapped, no one can stop him from going to jail, Rishita has come back here, she won’t return to your house, you lost your shop and respect, your brother Dev lost his wife, and Shiva will go to jail. Krish says police is still outside. Shiva asks Suman not to worry. He asks Krish to take Dhara and Suman with him. Suman says take care. They all leave. Raavi runs to hold Shiva’s hand. She says don’t do anything wrong, stay here, don’t worry, we won’t let anything happen to Pandya store, okay. She goes to Prafulla and scolds her. Prafulla does a drama. Raavi says stop this drama, you want to support the truth, truth is, Shiva is innocent, I m the witness, you won’t see all this, you got blinded by hatred. Prafulla says I just want your betterment. Raavi says don’t wish that, I will deal with my life, I will never forgive you for this, stay away from my family and Shiva. Shiva looks on. Dhara asks Raavi to come.

Shiva shuts the door. Officer comes to seal the shop. Suman and everyone come. Suman argues with the officer. Dhara says give the evidence that we did wrong. They all stand in front of the shop. Officer says we will call police force. Suman says call the military, I will see who moves us from here. Krish says our shop won’t get locked. Officer says you want to beat us, you may get jailed. Suman asks where is lady constable, we are women, you have no right to come ahead, we will do self defense, come when my sons come. Officer says we know our rights, police force will come, your shop will be locked today. Krish scolds them. Officer says you didn’t see police beating till now. Dhara says every customer can give statement in our favor, we got trapped by situation, we want some time, Shiva is framed, Gautam took Suraj to the police station, truth will come out on its own. Inspector gets the warrant to shut the shop. He asks them to get aside, else he will arrest all of them. Family gets shocked.


Pandya Store 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiva comes there. Raavi asks what are you doing here. Shiva gets arrested. Everyone worries. The shop gets sealed.


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