Pandya Store 7th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 7th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 7th June 2021 Episode starts with Suman stopping Dhara from doing the puja. Pandit says its a big bad omen to stop the puja. Suman says it will be a bigger bad omen if Dhara does the puja, I kept this puja for my brothers’ peace and happiness, the woman who divides the house, she isn’t the house Laxmi or Annapurna. Gautam, Dhara and Prafulla get shocked. Dev and Shiva cry. Raavi aks will Suman really make Dhara out of the house, before she goes to the temple and ask Dhara to leave, she shall take the water and go to the temple. Shiva says we won’t go to get the water. Raavi says if we go there without taking the holy water, Suman won’t let us enter the temple. Shiva asks her to come. Gautam says once puja completes… Suman asks him not to talk in between. She asks Prafulla to leave.

Suman asks the pandits to go, puja will start later. Prafulla hides and tries to hear. Suman says I always trust you, you show your truth, you have raised hand on my children, you separated them. Dhara cries. Gautam says listen to me. Suman says I m talking to her. Dev scolds Rishita. He asks what do you want, why do you want to break my house. She says Dhara wants to break the family, if I m so bad, then why did you love me, marry me. He shouts I should have not married you, I should have understood that you aren’t made for my family. She says fine, why am I standing here like a fool, I will go, I don’t want to stay here. Dev angrily gives her stuff. She asks will you not stop me. Dev says everyone is worried in our house, Dhara had beaten Shiva and Krish to take your side, she never hurt us, you may go if you have a problem with Dhara, don’t forget anything, you can go. He goes. She gets angry and cries.

Suman makes Dhara swear on the sindoor and asks her did you beat my sons, did you separate the kitchen. Prafulla laughs and says I will record this drama in my phone. Shiva, Raavi and Anita come to Mukteshwar to get the water. Anita says I m scared of such places, Shiva you get the water for me also, I will stand here. Raavi says I m scared. Shiva asks why did you come here. Raavi says I m worried for Dhara. He says it happened because of you, you wanted to marry Dev, and he had to marry Rishita. They argue. Suman asks Dhara why did she separate the family, say the truth by swearing on her Suhaag. Prafulla enjoys the drama. Dhara says this isn’t just my Suhaag, but my pride, I accept all my mistakes. Suman says now get ready to bear the punishment.

Raavi says I can’t imagine the family without Dhara, there will be no love left in the family, I will fall in Suman’s feet and won’t move until her anger ends. Dev comes and says you left me alone there, don’t make me away. Shiva says we didn’t know how long Rishita and your argument will go, where is she. Dev says I don’t know, its about Dhara, we can’t let her go from the house, if we did the mistake, why shall she get the mistake, come. Dhara says I did this for the family. Suman asks really, I m also a part of the family, why didn’t you try. Dhara says I tried. Suman says your try was fake, you asked everyone not to tell anything. Dhara says I was scared. Suman says if you had got scared, then you would have not beaten my children. Gautam says listen to me. Suman says shut up, I m talking to her. She cries and says I have seen the scars on their back, Dhara has beaten them like animals. Raavi says don’t know what’s going on with Dhara. Shiva asks her to keep quiet. Dev thinks I m responsible for this, if anything happens to Dhara, then I can’t forgive myself. Krish comes there. Shiva asks what happened there.

Dev asks what did mum say. Krish says I took mum to temple and… They ask what happened, tell it. Krish says mum asked me to get you all there, she didn’t let me stay there, we should take the water pots filled and rush. Dhara says Shiva and Krish started replying wrong to Rishita and troubled her a lot, they crossed limits, Rishita lost her voice because of fear, if anything happened to her, then… they did this for my sake, I was helpless to beat them. Suman says you got angry, you have beaten them, I m angry now, I will also beat you. Gautam stops Suman. Suman says you spoke up now, when I went to beat her, you didn’t speak up when she was beating them. Raavi waits for Shiva. Krish and Dev ask him to go to Raavi. Shiva and Raavi take the water from the pool. Suman says I have also raised hand on you, but I won’t beat like this to my enemy. Gautam says Rishita is the new bahu, Dhara got angry on their mistake. Suman asks can she beat others’ children like that. Gautam says they are more than her own children for her. Suman asks own children? She has no children of her own.


Pandya Store 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The wind blows. It gets stormy. The place gets trembling. Krish asks Dev to run. Raavi shouts. Shiva runs and saves Raavi. They both fall under the debris.


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