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Pandya Store 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 7th October 2021 Episode starts with Shiva applying the tika. Suman asks if everyone is done with the blessings, then start the aarti. Dhara and everyone do the aarti. Shiva goes for shopping. He thinks I will buy come clothes for myself, there is a party for Rishita at home. He imagines Raavi laughing at him.

He turns to go. Rishita stops him. He looks for Raavi. She says I have come to buy a charger, what are you doing here. Shiva says my friends wanted to buy clothes, I came to help. Rishita says no one will give a party to me, Dev isn’t happy, come, we will shop for you. She takes him to the store. He says this isn’t my style, we will go. She says you have to do many things for the first time. She selects clothes for him.

She says if you want to groom yourself and change for Raavi, then its not wrong, if you love Raavi… He says it can’t happen. She says I know you, madness is imp for true love, get coloured in the colour of love. He smiles and says you are saying this, you and Dev fight so much. Rishita says yes, I can die for Dev, I left everything for his love, that’s why you got Raavi, Dev and I fight, but we are partners, we argue, its fine.

She asks him to buy a black suit. She says buy casuals also, this looks good, change for Raavi once, who knows, she may like you. Shiva says if we have to change ourselves for someone, its a lie, right. She says your feelings for Raavi is true, I have seen how you see Raavi, everything is fair in love and war.

Suman and Raavi come to Prafulla’s house. Suman cracks a joke. Prafulla taunts her. Suman invites Prafulla in the house party. Raavi says Suman found a girl for Shiva, she wants you to meet her. Anita comes and greets Suman. Prafulla argues with her. She says its Suman’s magic, Anita is doing a drama like Suman. Suman says I forgive your nonsense today. Prafulla says take Shiva’s baraat, its my promise,

I will get Raavi married on the same day, I will find the best guy for her. Suman says it won’t be easy, you know this, that’s Anita is sitting at your house, and touching my feet. She asks Raavi to come. Raavi says marriage isn’t everything for a girl, you both need to understand this. Suman leaves.

Rishita comes home. She says why is the lights off. She calls out everyone. Krish says you have come. She asks where is everyone. He says everyone went to Kanta’s house, you get ready, I m fixing the fuse, Suman asked you to come. Rishita says I know, I have to do aarti, there won’t be a party. Shiva sees the clothes.

He thinks will this look good. Rishita gets ready. She hears the music. She says who is playing the song during aarti time. She comes out. Lights come. Rishita gets surprised. Krish and Raavi shout surprise…. Everyone comes clapping. Rishita smiles. Dhara says you got a job, it means everyone got a job, we should party. Dhara asks did you all do this for me. Suman says yes. Rishita hugs Dhara and thanks her.

Everyone hugs Rishita. Rishita hugs Dev. Suman coughs and smiles. Rishita takes her blessings. Suman blesses her to progress well. Rishita says everyone came in party wear, I came in lahenga for puja, you should have said about the surprise party. Krish says then surprise won’t be a surprise. Dev says we had to keep you away from her all day, else surprise would have not stayed a surprise.

Dev gifts Rishita a dress and asks her to go and change. Rishita says thanks, I will come in 5 mins, don’t start the party. Suman says Jalsa is starting, Rashmi didn’t come. Raavi says its so uncommon name. Rishita gets ready and comes. Dev compliments her. She says thanks for his dress, this party and for becoming my husband. He says thanks for being my amazing wife. He kisses her. She smiles. Gautam gets a call and says what, great.

Suman jokes. Gautam says I wanted to give you all a surprise, the land layout is approved for Pandya store new branch. They all hug. Dhara says its a big good news. Suman says good news came before Rashmi came home, she is Shiva’s would be wife. She jokes on Raavi. Everyone calls Suman wrong. Suman gets angry. Dhara says I will pray that Shiva and Raavi’s relation never breaks. Suman says no use, divorce will happen and then marriage. Raavi is sad.


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