Pandya Store 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 7th September 2022 Episode starts with Shiva says you are mistaken. Raavi cries. Everyone hears her cry and rush outside to see. They ask Raavi why is she crying. Raavi says I didn’t do anything, I m innocent, I give all the money to Suman, how can I do fraud. She asks inspector to check her phone and social media account,

wrong has happened with her. Everyone checks Raavi’s indecent pic and comments. Rishita asks when did you get this photo shoot done, you didn’t tell me, when did you get so modern. Raavi says I didn’t do that, someone edited my pics, we were going to cyber cell and you came here. Suman says show me the pic, why are you crying. Dhara says let it be. Suman says show it to me.

Dhara shows the pic. Suman gets angry and asks about the pic. Dhara says its not Raavi’s mistake, someone hacked her account and put such pics, its not Raavi’s pic, its morphed. Inspector says you can come to police station and tell everything there. Raavi says wrong happened with me, my account is hacked.

Shiva says he is right, we aren’t able to use her account, we don’t know who did this, we are ready to come if you find us wrong. Inspector says okay, file a complaint in the cyber cell. Shweta gets her friend’s call. She says I wish I could run right away, but the ladies are smart here, I think Rishita doubts me.

The girl says make them have kitchen fights. Shweta says nice idea. Suman asks Raavi to leave all this and sit at home. Dhara asks why shall we stop Raavi because of some mad person, she reached here by hardwork.

She asks Raavi to go to cyber cell, they all are with her. Inspector says you will get help from us. He leaves. Suman asks everyone to go for work. Shiva says its not your mistake, we will go and complain, everything will get fine. They go. Suman scolds Raavi. Dhara says I will get massage oil for Chiku.

Suman says everyone will see the pic and insult us, you got the family insulted, you won’t make any video now, that’s it. Shweta says you keep the oil here, I will get the clothes. Rishita says many people’s accounts get hacked, don’t punish her. Shweta asks Raavi to make a new account and block the old one. Rishita says we should find that hacker. Shweta says yes, that’s also right.

Rishita says I will get Sanchi’s clothes for bath. She goes. Raavi says don’t know what are people thinking about me. Dhara says I have heated the oil. She goes. Shweta overheats the oil. She says when Rishita puts her hand in this oil, it will be another drama between Rishita and Dhara.

Raavi gets Shiva’s call. Dhara keeps the water for bath. Dhara goes back to kitchen and takes the oil. Shiva asks Raavi to come fast, its their work. Krish asks is she coming. Shiva says yes.

Shweta takes Chiku from Suman. She asks shall I massage your legs. Suman says no, take care of Chiku, its enough. Rishita comes. She sees Dhara mixing the water. Dhara puts her hand in it and checks the water. Shweta puts the oil on her palm and does Chiku’s massage. He starts crying.

Dhara runs to Chiku and takes him. Shweta says I didn’t learn anything till now. Dhara says you have to learn. Suman says your mum kept you here for training, but you have to take care. Dhara goes to do the massage. Shweta smiles. Rishita puts her hand in the oil bowl. Her fingers get burnt. She thinks of telling Dhara.

She recalls Dhara. She thinks Dhara is checking even the hot water, how can she forget the oil, something is wrong. Shweta thinks why isn’t Rishita reacting. Rishita sees Shweta and recalls her words. She thinks now I understand your game, Shweta, you are using my innocent family, I will bring out your truth. Dhara asks Chutki not to cry.

Shweta thinks why isn’t Rishita doing any drama. Rishita says I will do it. Shweta asks what, did you hear anything. Rishita says no, did you say anything. Shweta says no. Rishita says I was thinking to visit a counsellor. Shweta says yes, I m glad that you are taking things positive.

Rishita asks her to give the number. Shweta says I changed the phone, I will find it. Dhara says I have the number, I m happy that you thought of counsellor, I will give it. Rishita says thanks, I m worried for Chutki. Dhara says don’t worry, I will not snatch your daughter, she is your daughter, only yours forever, and you both are mine forever. Suman smiles. Dhara says this love makes a family, we all will handle Chutki,

and also you. Rishita cries and holds her hand. She says I love you Bhabhi. Dhara says I love you more. Suman says we all will raise Chutki together. Shweta says I m happy that you all are thinking of Rishita, but will Dhara give me proper training and take care of Chiku. Rishita gets angry. She thinks I know you are using Dhara’s weakness, I won’t let this happen, I will teach you a lesson.


Pandya Store 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shweta says when Rishita puts her hand in this oil, a new drama will happen. Rishita says we will put child monitoring system in the house. Shweta says I don’t want it in my room. Rishita thinks now Shweta’s truth will come out. Suman thinks its my house, I will decide. Shweta worries.


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