Pandya Store 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 8th August 2022 Episode starts with Gautam reading Dhara’s message to Suman. Suman says she always runs away, how did she get to know this. She beats Krish. He says I didn’t tell her anything. Inspector says forward me Dhara and baby’s pics, I will forward it to Ahmedabad police. Gautam sends the pics. Suman says Dhara went because of me, go and find her.

Rishita sees Dev and Shiva. Shiva says I told her, it’s a false alarm, don’t know where did Raavi go. Rishita says sorry guys, I stay so nervous, I feel baby is coming. Shiva says I was going after Raavi. She says she stays at home, come home and talk to her,

if really baby was coming then… why would you think, I m pregnant, I have to think of everything. Dev says we shall go home now. Shiva says yes, I won’t come for the false alarm. She says such situation scares me, I can’t take a risk with the baby, won’t you come next time. He says I told that in anger.

Gautam says Dhara has switched off the phone. Krish gets water for Suman. She gets angry. Gautam says inspector will find Dhara and baby, don’t worry. Suman says she got mad for the baby, she took the baby with her.

She asks Krish to go and stand against the wall, holding ears. Raavi comes home. She says Dhara didn’t do right, she went with Chiku, she should have told Rishita and me. Shiva says everyone likes to hide things here.

He asks where were you in the morning. She says I have a surprise for you. She shows the DD of 1.5 lakhs. She says we will go and give this to Suman, I had a bank shoot in the morning. Shiva says you go and show it to the person who gave it, its wrong. She says no, its 1.5 lakhs.

She shows the photo mug. She says I have earned this in one day, you can’t earn this in a month, I m really happy today, I feel I have an identity. Shiva gets angry. He throws the coffee mug and breaks it. He says money is the root of all the problems, you stopped caring for me, you think you will shut my mouth with money.

She says I never took you or our relation for granted. He says you were talking secretly at night, you went in the morning, I understood something is wrong. She asks were you listening to me. He says you were secretly talking. She asks are you doubting me.

He says I had asked you, you lied to me, what’s the need to lie when I said I m with you in your work. She says I didn’t hide anything, I was waiting for the right time. He asks who was that guy. She asks what. He says you were going on a bike with him, who was he. She says so you followed me, you think….

He asks who was lying, you or me, don’t I have a right to ask, I love you a lot. She says you have a right, you should trust me. He says you were roaming with a stranger, answer me, who was that guy. She says he was a model, I was at the shoot, I had hid it, you will never understand this, you ask me anything, I m not scared, because I m not scared. She cries. Shiva also cries.

A lady sees Raavi’s videos. She asks her husband to see Raavi’s new video. She says my mood gets happy seeing her videos. Chiku’s mum is also there. She looks for the baby. Nurse says patient got fine, you can meet her. The lady says Shweta… They go and meet Shweta. The lady thanks Lord for saving her daughter.

Rishita says Raavi has become an earning member now, its her work to serve us the food. A man gets the food delivery. Gautam says we didn’t order it. Raavi says I had ordered it, I didn’t know about Dhara. Suman asks who is it. Rishita says Dhara isn’t here, will you make us die of hunger, I got unwell today.

Suman says you all created a mess. She asks Raavi not to waste money if she is earning. Raavi says I wanted to give a party to everyone, I didn’t know about Dhara and Chiku, I had a bank shoot, see this DD, I will get cash tomorrow. Suman smiles. She says wow, Raavi, I know Shiva did the deal. Shiva says no, she did this herself, she has become clever, sensible.

Suman says its good, it doesn’t mean that Raavi goes alone, take Shiva along. Dev asks was it your shoot going on, wow, you have become a star. Rishita says its not a big thing, once baby comes, I will do bigger work than her.

Suman says we have seen your talent once, don’t take our test again. Rishita says I m going to rest. Shiva also goes. Suman asks Raavi to keep food for him. Gautam goes to find Dhara. Suman prays for the family. They all go. Raavi cries.


Pandya Store 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Raavi asks Shiva to give a glass of water. Suman stops Shiva and scolds Raavi.


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