Pandya Store 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 8th July 2021 Episode starts with Hardik coming home. He punches Gautam’s face. He says you came home and didn’t inform, I was dying to meet you. Gautam says come, sit, leave it. Hardik says I was missing you all a lot. Dhara wakes up and sees Hardik. He says you didn’t miss me. Dhara says I wanted to talk to you. She hugs him. Hardik sees the sleeping arrangement in the hall. Dev comes. Dhara says weather is hot, we don’t get sleep anywhere except hall, sit, I will make tea. Hardik says I came to meet you, but I will come later, sleep now. Gautam hugs Hardik. Hardik says take care. Hardik leaves. Gautam shuts the door. He asks Dhara to sleep. Dhara lies to sleep. Dev thinks whatever Hardik has seen, its not wrong, they gave the room to Rishita and me, they are sleeping in the hall, Dhara also needs her privacy, she should also have her bedroom.

Its morning, Dev comes to talk to Gautam. He says I want to talk about Dhara and you. Gautam reads about Kamini losing her election ticket. Dev says its good. Gautam says she did wrong, its not right to think bad for them, they are our relatives now, Rishita is our bahu, she is connected to us and them also. Dev says sorry. Gautam asks him to sit. Rishita looks on. Raavi gets the breakfast. Shiva comes. Raavi looks at him and drops the tray. Krish sings and jokes on Raavi. Dhara stops Raavi. Raavi says I was not seeing Shiva, he was seeing me. Dhara says its enough for us that you guys are seeing each other. Prafulla stops Jagat. He falls over her. She gets hurt. He asks what are you doing, I m light weight, why did you fall down. She argues.

She asks where are you going now. He says I m going to meet Suman. She asks what about me. He says I m sad that you are back, sorry, I was thinking to invite Raavi and Shiva home. Suman comes and scolds everyone. Gautam asks what happened, did Shiva do anything. Shiva says no, did Krish do anything. Krish says no, I m a little kid, Dev…. Dev says you think I can do something. Suman says we did wrong, Kanta was telling, we didn’t keep suspension after marriage. Dhara says reception. Suman says you always correct me, you didn’t think of reception. Dhara says sorry. Suman says you make mistakes and say sorry, I know much happened, you didn’t think of reception, two new bahus came home, there should be some fun. Krish says their marriage was dhamaka.

Kanta says she is right, you should feed people. Suman says yes, we will feed them well, we will keep it tonight. Raavi asks so soon. Suman asks shall we wait for your kids to come. Krish laughs. Gautam thinks I was trying to save money and make a new bedroom for Dhara, now this reception. Suman asks is there any problem. Gautam says no, it will be done. Suman reminds Dhara the rituals. She asks everyone to hurry up. Prafulla asks Jagat to read the newspaper for her if he is feeling bored. She scares him. Gautam and Dhara invite the guests. She asks shall I buy a gajra. Gautam says buy many gajras, I like when I get its fragrance from your hair. She asks him to stop it. He sees Kalyani and Kamini in the market. He greets them. He says Dev and Rishita are suffering in our fights, Rishita misses her family. Kalyani says we can see what she did. Gautam says she did to save Dev and us, if we do wrong, then she will stand against us, we understand her. Dhara comes and greets. She says we have kept reception at home tonight, we will be glad if you all come, Rishita will be most happy, please do come. Kalyani and Kamini leave. Gautam asks Dhara to come. Dhara says you told Dev and Shiva about it, right, grooms can’t be late.

Dev and Shiva are at the shop. Shiva jokes. He asks Dev why is he upset. Dev says I have seen Gautam and Dhara sleeping in the hall, I felt bad, Rishita and Raavi have a room, Dhara should also have her room, why don’t we build a room for her on the terrace. Shiva says what an idea, you made me happy, find the budget, we will tell Gautam and Dhara. Dev says yes, Dhara did a lot for us, she used to make us sleep in her room. Shiva says yes. Dev says when we have grown up, she lost her room. Shiva says we will make a new room, we will tell Gautam after the function, you use your MBA mind, go and see budget. Dev says fine.

Its evening, everyone is seen dancing in the function. Dhara asks Krish to get the things. Krish says I m also thinking to get married. Dhara pulls his ears and says I will tell Gautam. Shiva says fix more lights. Krish says your heart lamp is also glowing. Shiva asks him to talk good. Dhara asks Krish to go. Krish says I got it. Shiva sees Raavi. Dev smiles seeing Rishita. Mann mast magan….plays….

Suman wards off the bad sight from her children. Gautam comes and smiles. Prafulla gets happy and wards off bad sight from Raavi. Anita comes. Suman says you didn’t come early to help us. Anita says sorry. Prafulla says you have 3 bahus now, you don’t need her. Anita says I will handle all the work now. Hardik comes and greets them. He gives gifts to Raavi and Rishita. Gautam says you are coming now, come with me. Hardik goes with him. Anita sees Gautam. Prafulla says Anita, look at Hardik once, he is tall and handcome, there is still time, leave second hand Gautam, catch first hand Hardik. Anita asks her to stop it. Shiva sees Raavi and smiles. Raavi sees him. He turns away. She thinks. She dances with everyone. Krish observes Shiva staring at Raavi. He takes Shiva to Raavi. Shiva thinks Raavi is entering my heart, I have to talk to her tonight.


Pandya Store 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Suman says we will start the rasam now. Kamini says you know what to do. Kamini and Kalyani come home. Everyone looks on.


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