Pandya Store 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 8th July 2022 Episode starts with Dhara saying our Shiva is alive. Suman says no, this can’t happen, Gautam… Raavi says she is saying right, he is alive. Suman asks is he alive. Dhara says yes, our child is alive.

Suman says he is my child, you hid it from me, those kinners came here, one of them was Shiva, right. Suman says he was around me, you kept him away from me, he is my blood, how did you hide such a big thing, where is he.

She calls out Shiva. Shiva comes in front. Suman, Dev and Gautam cry. Shiva says your son is here. Apne to apne….plays…. Dev runs and hugs Shiva. Gautam cries and hugs Shiva. Shiva goes to Suman and hugs. They cry

Shiva says it was tough for me, but this was necessary to do. Gautam asks was Raavi also involved in Dhara’s plan, it means Kanta was saying the truth, she saw you with Shiva, you three fooled us. Suman says I trusted you that Shiva is alive, but you didn’t tell me. Shiva says I told them.

Rishita says there would be more risk, Gautam would have called the police. Suman says you think its some joke, he is my blood, he is Dev and Gautam’s blood, why didn’t you tell us, pack your bags and leave from my house, one who plays with family’s sentiments, I don’t want them. Shiva says I told you. She asks him to shut up.

Gautam asks Shiva to come and face the truth. Suman asks where are you taking him. Gautam asks Dev to call the police, just do it. Dhara stops Dev. She says we didn’t wish to break the law or cheat the govt., we were finding a mid way to settle this matter, so I told that we will sell the house, we will return the money and get Shiva home.

Suman asks why didn’t you tell me the real reason, I can sell myself for Shiva. Dhara says Gautam would have done the same even if we told him, we will arrange the money. She asks Gautam to think well, is he doing anything wrong.

Gautam says fine, I will give you 24 hours to handle this matter, else I will go to drop Shiva to the police station, even if we have to go to jail. Dhara says think practically, how will we sell the house and arrange money in 24 hours. Shiva says we won’t sell the house, we will sell the land. She says someone else grabbed the land.

He says think of some plan, its not his land, we will sell the land. Dhara says we have to shut Prafulla’s mouth first. She messages Prafulla. Prafulla takes the police to her house. Dhara and Raavi come. Raavi asks Prafulla not to worry, everything will get fine. Dhara looks on. They ask Prafulla to check a message.

Prafulla gets shocked seeing the pic, where she is seen feeding the food to Shiva. She sees Shiva’s shirt and thinks police will send me to jail. She hides the shirt. She acts to faint. She gets up and says Shiva is hiding here, he just ran there. Inspector asks her to stop the drama. He scolds her and leaves. Dhara asks Prafulla not to use her mind, else she will show the pic to the police. She asks Prafulla to take rest.

Dhara and Raavi leave. Kamini calls Prafulla and asks are you sure, Shiva is alive. Prafulla says yes, I will prove this somehow. Everyone brainstorms to find an idea to tackle Jeevanlal. Dev says we will beat him and make a viral video. Gautam says he is a wrestler and also smart. Rishita shares an idea.

He says once a person dies, what’s that thing that we are scared of. Suman says ghost. Dev says I understood, I went to Jeevanlal as a ghost, he has spread red chilli smoke around, I had to run. Rishita says you scared me as a ghost. He says that was Krish. Suman asks Rishita to tell the plan. Prafulla comes home.

Rishita says we will take a ghost family this time. Prafulla smiles. Suman says attack him, its my command, it will work. Prafulla says I will call Kamini and inform her, we will reach there with police, and get them caught. Her phone drops. Everyone turns to see.


Pandya Store 9th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiva gets ready. Everyone leave from the house. Gautam says we are coming to end Jeevanlal’s evil. They reach Jeevanlal in ghostly costumes. Prafulla informs Kamini and asks her to get the police there.


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